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Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack Review

Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack review by Miss Anna

Strawberry flavoured condoms, does it get much better?

Packaging and First Impressions

Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack Review

The Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack came neatly packaged in a small, sealed cardboard box. The design on the front of the box is very sophisticated, giving the impression of a reasonably high end product, the back states plenty of information regarding the safe use and storage of condoms.

I was expecting to see a reference to sizing somewhere on the outer of the box however it doesn’t seem to state. In this instance I will be reviewing the condoms as ‘average’ sizing.

Inside of the box is a strip of 3 condoms and an information leaflet. Each condom has a small printed ‘Caution’ in relation to the latex ingredient causing allergic reactions, some may think this is a little OTT, I actually quite like that the additional information and warning is given. The condom packet also contains information regarding what condoms actually protect against and the expiry date.

The leaflet that is contained within the box gives a full explanation of pregnancy risks, directions for use and the degree of STI protection that these condoms can provide. A fantastic information source for those who have concerns over the use of condoms.

Inside the Wrapper…

I found tearing a single condom from the strip to be oddly satisfying, a smooth and easy tear reduces the risk of damage to the condom inside, I always find it surprising how many other brands do not take ease of access into account. The condom wrapper also tears open very easily, ideal when you aren’t quite giving the task 100% concentration!

As soon as the wrapper seal is broken the smell of zingy strawberry is released, not overpowering or particularly sweet but certainly enough to make your mouth water.

Taking the condom from it’s wrapper and placing it onto my partner I did find thickness and overall texture of the condom to be a little off putting. Whilst the condom is very well lubricated it also has an incredibly greasy texture.

The sizing seems to be very much ‘average’ or even slightly above, my partner who is a little over 8 inches found that the length was very giving as well as the girth incredibly accommodating.


Personally, I find one of the most important factors of a flavoured condom to be the taste. It is difficult to find a reliable brand that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to flavoured condoms, whilst I find the smell of this particular brand of condoms very pleasant, I really was not keen on the taste.

Expecting an overpoweringly sweet artificial strawberry flavouring, I was pleasantly surprised to taste quite a natural and mild strawberry flavour on the condom, unfortunately this seemed to be completely overtaken by the taste of latex and the greasy texture of the flavouring/lubricant applied to the condom. The flavouring seemed to be short lived in any case, leaving an unpleasant taste in the mouth and a greasy coating on everything that came in contact.


Whilst I had hoped the Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack would be above average given the marketing and design, I found them to actually be quite disappointing in terms of taste.


– Miss Anna

Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack Review

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Miss Anna for this review of the Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack.

Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack Review

The Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Thank you! 🙂 

Royal Condoms Strawberry Flavour 3 Pack Review


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