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Royal Condoms Natural 3 Pack Review

Royal Condoms Natural 3 Pack review by Just Jess

For me, condoms are a necessary evil. I’ve never been a fan but as I am not fluid bonded with anyone I’m currently dating they are now a regular feature of my sex life.

I tend to opt for brands I know such as Durex or Skyns simply because I don’t have much experience with any others. I was in a monogamous relationship for over a decade and didn’t need condoms for birth control, so they weren’t really something I thought about.

I’m amazed at how naturally they now fit into my relationships, rather than being the hindrance I found them in my teens, I now love the anticipation when a partner breaks away briefly to put one on or teasing him as I roll one down his shaft.

Royal Condoms Natural 3 Pack Review

Whilst I’m happy with the brands I currently use I was interested to try the Royal Condoms Natural as they are vegan friendly and cruelty free; I’m starting to look for this in my cosmetics and products in general but hadn’t even considered whether my condoms were (they aren’t)! They also use organic latex and are paraben free, this is great news for me as I do tend to be quite sensitive to lubes with parabens; there is no glycerine or glycol listed in the ingredients either.

Every Royal Condom is electronically tested three times for any weaknesses to help ensure it doesn’t break during use. I placed one of my pack of three over my fist to see just how durable they were. I did manage to break it quite easily doing this around the ring but was able to open my hand wide in the main body of the condom without it tearing.

It may have been that I was a little too rough pulling it over my fist, but I was disappointed that the condom broke. I think we all remember kids at school blowing condoms up like balloons and putting them on like hats, so I would have expected it to stretch over my fist.

Although it’s unlikely any partner’s penis would be the size of my forearm I did find this put me off trying one of the Royal Condoms Natural for sex so opted to use one on a dildo for further testing.

I did notice that despite being described as “ultra thin” the Royal Condoms Natural seemed much, much thicker than the Durex thin condoms I often use. If it was noticeably thick for my rolling it on, I can only imagine this would also be the same for a partner with a penis too.

Royal Condoms Natural 3 Pack Review

The lubricant on the condom is water-silicone based hybrid lube, designed to be much longer lasting than ordinary water based lube to avoid drying out whilst not leaving the oily residue often associated with silicone lubes.

I did find it very long lasting and didn’t have to re-apply lube during an extended play session but I did find there was a lot of residue left on my dildo after use.

There was no unpleasant latex smell from the Royal Condoms Natural and a quick taste test found the lube was inoffensive, no chemically aftertaste or particular flavour at all.

I was impressed by the ethics of Royal Condoms, I really appreciate companies that are moving towards becoming vegan and cruelty free so this was a big draw for me. However, unfortunately I did find the Royal Condoms Natural to be much thicker than other ultra thin brands and given I managed to break one quite easily I wasn’t comfortable using them for PIV sex.


– Just Jess

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Just Jess for this review of the Royal Condoms Natural 3 Pack.

Royal Condoms Natural 3 Pack Review

The Royal Condoms Natural 3 Pack were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Thank you! 🙂 

Royal Condoms Natural 3 Pack Review


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