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Rose Gold

Rose Gold Sexual Supplement for Women Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Naughty Nerd

When there was an opportunity to test the Rose Gold Sexual Supplement for the Pleasure Panel I jumped at the chance.  I take supplements for various reasons so I was interested to find out whether a herbal supplement could really boost my libido. I regularly take a number of painkillers which do affect my mood so if there is something that could balance this out then I would be really happy.

The Rose Gold supplements have 3 main ingredients; Clavo Huasca, Muira Puama  & Tribulus Tettestris. These can also be known as White Clove, Potency Wood and Devils Claw. These natural remedies originate from around the world and use of them as a natural aphrodisiac can trace back as the ancient Greeks.

I should point out that I am reviewing these from a female’s perspective however all 3 ingredients have potential benefits in helping erectile dysfunction.

Rose Gold Sexual Supplement for Women Review

It is recommended that you take the supplements about an hour before intimacy with plenty of warm water. I presume that the warm water is to speed up the break down of the capsules although I cannot be certain. The first thing I noticed about the little pink capsules was that there is no discernible smell to them. Neither was there any particular taste or after affects like indigestion which I find can be a bit of an issue with other supplements.

As solid scientific evidence of the benefits or effects of alternative medicines like this are a little vague, I suggest speaking with your GP first if you are uncertain whether they are appropriate for you.

Having not seen my boyfriend for about a week I thought it an ideal time to try these out. So was I tearing his clothes of like a women possessed? No, not really. That said I did have a feeling of being more alert. My boyfriends words were, “you’re a little keen”. Whether or not this was the Rose Gold supplements at work or a bit of a placebo effect I cannot say.  I tried these out again the following evening though to try find out. Again there was no majorly obvious effects like increased sensation however I did feel more aware of my body and felt that I had more desire to play for longer.

Rose Gold Sexual Supplement for Women Review

As the supplements to review were only a sample I cannot say with 100% confidence that the Rose Gold supplements do increase my libido however with what I have read about them and the effects I did feel, I would definitely be interested in trying the out more. I think the most benefit from the supplements would be achieved after you have already taken them regularly a number of times.

For any women with low sex drives, for example those going through menopause,  I would recommend that they try these out. They are completely natural and have very little or no side effects so if there is a chance that these could help, they are definitely worth the curiosity.


– Naughty Nerd

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Naughty Nerd for this review of the Rose Gold Sexual Supplement for Women. Buy it here priced from £12.95.

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the manufacturer. Thank you! 🙂

Rose Gold Sexual Supplement for Women Review

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