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Erica Hart

Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman by Erica Hart Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer My Tickle Trunk

Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman review: Role play has always been something I knew I would end up trying. That’s not to say it’s something I actively aspired to reach, but looking at my sexual interests and the sheer volume of sexual fantasies that occupy my brain at any given time… yeah, it was due.

Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman by Erica Hart Erica Hart’s Role Play Scripts For The Modern Woman is as literal as the title suggests. 12 separate fantasies, broken down into 3 progressive categories, all with detailed backstory, prop lists, and yes, scripts! Every scenario provides all of the mental tools to build up a character and set the tone; each script is even finished off with a line to break the character and resume your life as a mere mortal.

The book first discusses the benefits of role play (empowerment, desire fulfilment, overcoming introversion, etc.), tips and tricks, and outlines the boundaries as well as the do’s and don’ts of standard role play. Even if you don’t take much from this script guide, I’d say these sections are worth a read just by themselves. Not only is this crucial, basic information for role play (and sex in general), but they’re laid out in such a way that can be clearly understood for even the newest of sexual deviants.

Like most things, (especially sex “guides”) there’s good and bad. The good is that the Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman book can provide an anxious first-timer with the inspiration and confidence to move forward with guidance. Someone like me – who, when my partner requested that I dom him, literally Googled “how to dom my partner” – might feel completely ill-prepared in new sexual territory. I’m a researcher, and if I’m going blind into something as delicate as sex, I’ll read every word you give me (a practice that I’m sure got me into some awkward moments in my early years of Cosmo).

So for that it’s good. Every word up until and through the early steps of sex is outlined with specific language and context for every phrase. Reading it is almost like a story – a sexy story – and almost like a dom were telling you personally to say these phrases to your lover. All in all, it’s a perfect newbie guide to role play, for those who have a bit of stage fright, and prefer to be armed with more than a school girl skirt and an innocent demeanour.

That said, I suggest going off-script as you feel comfortable. Every line is so detailed and hard-set that I can’t imagine Hart actually intends these to be used as a written-in-stone script. You may not feel comfortable throwing around “cock” or “pussy” as I, or the author, would, so it’s all about the comfort zone of each individual reader. My best suggestion would be to have a read through your chosen fantasy and pick the lines that make you feel confident and comfortable, and to get an idea of what your personal script would be. This book is by no means Bible for role play, so each person should be able to make it their own.

I’m a stickler when it comes to reviewing books, so of course I have to find snags. I’m sure Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman was created for a very specific type of couple, but I can’t help but gripe at how it’s specifically for heterosexual couples, and even more specifically for the woman. There are a quite a few gender assumptions in the book (ex. “men love women who are naughty in bed”), and even the text on the cover about “blowing his mind” sort of holds a patriarchal tone, where as the modern woman ought to be worried about her own satisfaction as well. While of course there can be resources specifically for heterosexual couples (much like there are resources for specifically gay couples), I feel like role play could be more unisex. It’d be nice if there were even a small section just to provide a couple scenarios for the man in the partnership; these scripts are for modern women, but modern women deserve to be treated and seduced by the men in their lives as well.

I also wish the fantasies in Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman were a bit more varied. I had hoped to crack this book to find some weird and wonderful scenarios that I had never thought to translate into a sexual atmosphere (what can I say, I just lack imagination), and while there’s many ranging from masseuse to interrogation, it’d be cool see a volume 2 with some spicy one for the kinksters out there. The language in the fantasies is definitely dirty enough to get you into the spirit though.

I’d also like to see a continuation of this series that explores certain subsets of sexual fantasy, such as a book for the darker (yet consensual) role play scenarios, or another for specific genres (such as academia or maybe actual “fantasy” fantasies).

However those are just my own musings. Hart provides a comprehensive and adaptable base from which to form your own sexual role play scenario. You can choose to recite the scripts word-for-word and even rehearse them with your love, or you can simply derive inspiration from the meticulous, naughty language of which she’s provided.

– My Tickle Trunk

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer My Tickle Trunk for this book review of Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman by Erica Hart (£8.99 from Amazon UK; also available on Kindle)

This book was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

Update January 2017: Author’s website & book links removed due to broken links – Cara

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