Rocks Off Wild Boy Prostate Massager Pleasure Panel Review

8 out of 10
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Rocks Off Wild Boy Prostate Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer James Gent

First things first, the Rocks Off Wild Boy Prostate Massager is a really stylish and sleek piece of kit, so from appearances alone it’s a quality toy, as befits its price tag. Appearances are so important, don’t you think? It’s very appealing to look at and to hold, with its silicone finish and contours.

The Rocks Off Wild Boy Prostate Massager’s function is twofold, one end being fully insertable into the user’s arse, the other a cylindrical stub with a battery-operated vibrator designed to press against the user’s perineum.

I was excited to test drive this bad boy, but perhaps too keen on initial use, as I neglected to get myself appropriately relaxed down below to successfully accommodate it. As with many folk, it takes me a fair bit of prep – liberal application of lube, finger play, and patience – to take a toy much less anything else, comfortably! So the Rocks Off Wild Boy Prostate Massager did, in my experience, take some time before I could introduce the ‘business end’ before sampling the delights of its massager. Meat Loaf once sang that objects in the rear view mirror appear closer than they are, but objects in the rear certainly feel larger than they look, as was the case with this bit of kit. One factor was that, unlike the butt plugs I’m used to for the main part of my diet of anal play, the tip isn’t particularly tapered, although rounded. Nevertheless, taken at a gentle pace, it was pleasant to ease into, and its contoured moulding allowed for some subtle sensations. Another issue is that, due to its design, it is quite tricky to keep inside you (good workout for your sphincter muscles, though!). eventually I found the best way to accommodate it and enjoy it was while lying down, holding it firmly at the midsection.

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This done, I was then in a position to experience the vibes. Maybe it’s just me, but it didn’t provide a particularly intense friction against my perineum, but I really enjoyed feeling the vibrations channelling inside me, with the five settings and three speeds providing a pleasant amount of variety to the sensations. It didn’t get my rocks off unaided – in fact it was quite relaxing and de-stressing! – but certainly spiced up a self-love session by providing additional stimulation as well as feeling great to use on my arse.

It’s worth noting that the vibrator can be removed from the Rocks Off Wild Boy Prostate Massager itself and used as a bullet, for direct use on your cock head or clit; and when you purchase it, the battery is included, just requires removal of a tab. Its matte finish also means it is very easy to keep clean, and the product is latex- and phthalates-free

For the reasons I’ve mentioned above, I wouldn’t recommend the Rocks Off Wild Boy Prostate Massager for a quick thrill. It’s definitely built for a more slow-burning, long and lingering self-pleasuring session, with plenty of lube on hand and time to relax into it, and I look forward to spending more time getting better acquainted with it 🙂


– James Gent

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer James Gent for this review of the Rocks off Wild Boy Prostate Massager (£49.99)

This vibrating prostate massager was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Rocks Off Sex Toys. Thanks! 🙂

Rocks off Wild Boy Prostate Massager Review Pleasure Panel

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