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Rocks Off RO-DEO Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Leila_K

I was sent the Rocks Off RO-DEO directly from Rocks-Off to test and review for the Pleasure Panel. A big thanks to Cara and Rocks-Off. I was really excited to test the RO-DEO as I’ve never experienced a ride-on vibrator before, and it looked like a lot of fun!


My delivery from Rocks-Off was quick and discreet. When I opened my parcel I was highly impressed. The packaging for the Rocks Off RO-DEO is stylish and classy. The white outer sleeve features a photo of the Rocks Off RO-DEO and the back has all the relevant product information.

Once you remove the outer sleeve, you are faced with a white and pink box with a magnetic lid. Inside, the Rocks Off RO-DEO is safely nestled in a white foam insert. Inside another small box is the A/C power cable, 4 adaptor plugs, a full set of instructions and a 12 month warranty card. Sadly, the Rocks Off RO-DEO doesn’t come supplied with a storage bag, and the box is too large to keep for storing purposes.

First impressions

The Rocks Off RO-DEO is an gorgeous vibrator, with a unique design. This sit-on vibrator features a curved shaped G-Spot stimulator and a flexible clitoral stimulator, shaped similar to a tongue, this provides dual stimulation to those sweet spots. The ride-on part of the Rocks Off RO-DEO is a beautiful shade of pink, this is trimmed with a high shine silver lining.

The curved shape base makes it easy to ride this toy, and the handle makes it easy to hold. It can be used on any flat surface eg. a bed, chair, table, or floor.

Material and Specs

The Rocks Off RO-DEO is made from a soft smooth body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. The ride-on part, the ‘G’ and ‘C’ control buttons, the charging port, and curved section on the base is silicone. The curved base and silver trim is made from ABS plastic. Both materials are latex-free, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and non-porous.

On the G-Spot stimulator the shaft has an insertable length of 5″ with a circumference of 4.5″ and the clitoral stimulator  is 2.5″ in length. At the back of the Rocks Off RO-DEO there is a perineum stimulator, a small raised bump, this is 1″ in length.

Vibrations and power

Before using the Rocks Off RO-DEO I was excited to find out if this toy would satisfy my needs. I crave deep, powerful, rumbly, vibrations from my sex toys to give me pleasure and effortless orgasms. The Rocks Off RO-DEO offers 3 continuous speeds, low, medium, and high, and  4 various patterns consisting of a range of slow-fast pulses.

Switching the toy on I was underwhelmed by the strength of the vibrations, they were also on the buzzy side, personally I don’t like these kind of vibrations. However, the vibrations did travel well and can be felt throughout the shaft and clit stimulator. On the lower settings the Rocks Off RO-DEO is reasonably quiet, however it does get noticeable louder on the higher speeds on both stimulators.

The clitoral stimulator is quiet in comparison with the shaft, if discretion if a priority you could just use the clit stimulator on its own.


The Rocks Off RO-DEO is a rechargeable vibrator, I love rechargeable toys as they don’t cost you a fortune in batteries. The one I received had a slight charge but I charged it fully before use. It comes supplied with 4 different adaptors, this is a great idea and perfect if you want to take your Rocks Off RO-DEO on your travels with you.

To charge the Rocks Off RO-DEO simply attach one of the four attachments onto the plug and insert it into the small silicone port at the back of the base. The silicone port is self-sealing this makes the Rocks Off RO-DEO 100% waterproof. It takes two hours to charge, while charging, a red LED light  illuminates on the plug. Once fully charged, the red LED light will change to green. This gives you about 2 hours of playtime, depending on what speed or setting you use.

Ready To Ride

After I applied some water-based lube to the G-Spot stimulator, and clitoral stimulator, the shaft of the Rocks Off RO-DEO slipped in easily. Size-wise, it felt comfortable and surprisingly filling. It’s easy to operate using the two silicone buttons ‘G’ and ‘C’ at the front of the base. The ‘G’ controls the G-Spot stimulator, and the ‘C’ controls the clitoral stimulator. It does help to familiarise yourself with these buttons before use.

I went straight to the continuous high speed on both stimulators. Once I got a good rocking rhythm going, it felt really good. As I rode the toy I felt the G-Spot stimulator brushing my G-Spot with each stroke. This was not enough to make me orgasm, but the sensations still felt enjoyable. I didn’t feel anything from the perineum stimulator. I think the bump is too small to offer any stimulation.

Clit Stim

The clitoral stimulator or ‘tongue’ as I like to call it felt amazing on my clit as I rocked. Although I wasn’t getting enough pressure on my clit to orgasm and the buzzy vibes weren’t helping. In the end I took hold of the handle base and rocked it with my hand. This allowed me to direct the pressure of the tongue directly on my clit. Using the Rocks Off RO-DEO this way it didn’t take me very long to experience a very satisfying orgasm.

Various Surfaces

I tried using the Rocks Off RO-DEO on several different surfaces. When used on a bed it has a tendency to sink into the mattress, making it difficult to ride. I tried it on a chair but found this a little uncomfortable, and my legs became tired quickly because I couldn’t fully lower myself down in this position because the clit stimulator felt too pokey. I found the most comfortable way to ride the Rocks Off RO-DEO was on the floor, I could rock back and forth with ease.

When you are all finished playing with RO-DEO just press and hold each button for 2 seconds, and the toy will switch off.


After use, the Rocks Off RO-DEO is easy to clean as it’s waterproof. The best way to keep it in excellent condition is to spritz with sex toy cleaner, rinse, and leave to air dry. I recommend storing the Rocks Off RO-DEO in a storage bag to keep it clean and lint free, or you could store it in the box, if you have the space.


Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the Rocks Off RO-DEO. This sit-on vibrator surprised me because I never though I could get pleasure from buzzy type vibrations.

However, I do wish it was more powerful… saying that, it is stimulating enough to give me pleasure. I would recommend this toy to women who love dual stimulation and buzzy vibrations. The Rocks Off RO-DEO is a well made, high quality, and unique vibrator. The handle base is a great feature and offers versatility, if you don’t feel like riding it you can use it in the conventional way. It is also 100% waterproof, this makes it suitable for use in the bath or shower.

The Rocks Off RO-DEO is a fun vibrator and welcomed addition to my toy collection. I rate the RO-DEO a 7/10.

– Leila_K

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Leila_K for this review of the Rocks Off RO-DEO Vibrator (£79.99 from

This sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Rocks Off Sex Toys. Thank you! 🙂

Rocks Off RO-DEO Review

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Rocks Off RO-DEO Review

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