Rimba Deluxe Leather Bondage/BDSM Wrist Cuffs Review

9 out of 10

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As you can see from a few of my recent reviews, I was sent some fetish gear to review from Temptations Direct. You can read all my Temptations Direct reviews here.

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This review is for the Rimba Deluxe Leather Wristcuffs and, just as with the other items, I was not disappointed. Rimba is definitely one of my favourite fetish gear brands now! I want to collect it all.

First impressions: the black and red contrast of the cuffs was very stark, as I’d hoped. Bright blood red and midnight black, with the glint of metal finishings. The Rimba Deluxe Leather Wristcuffs come in similar packaging to the other Rimba items I now own – Rimba labelled backing card with the item inside some cellophane wrap around the whole piece. Does the job and easy to dispose of too.

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Taking the cuffs from the package, I felt the true weight of them for the first time. These cuffs are not newbie or beginner style in the slightest, no cute fur inner or diamante adornments. They look and feel like what they are; BDSM wrist cuffs for bondage whether in the privacy of your own bedroom or used in D/s and M/s sessions in clubs or dungeons. The wide cuffs are made from leather and has metal D rings attached. As a bonus, there are also carabiner clips to connect the cuffs either to each other or your other fetish accessories/BDSM furniture.

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These cuffs are fitted with the traditional buckle fastening, which is adjustable enough to fit wrists from 6 to 10 inches circumference comfortably, with 5 adjust settings on the buckle. They are very wide and look stern and large on the wrists as you can see in my photos. Personally, I like this feature as I feel somehow more restrained and more secure in my bondage with cuffs which are wide, weighty and chunky. With the metal D rings and carabiners, these cuffs feel quite severe (in aesthetics only, they are very comfortable during use) and like the last vestige of comfort in bondage before thick chain manacles.

Each cuff is 9.9 inches in overall length with a width of 2.8 inches.

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One thing that did confuse me a little is that on the product page it states that these cuffs come with a padlock – I didn’t see anything in the packet or on the cuffs which could be used as a locking device. Just the usual buckle fastening and of course the carabiner clips as discussed. It’s simple enough to use a padlock from your own collection to lock the clips together, of course, or each cuff separately to another item of furniture. The product page also states that the cuffs do not come with carabiner clips – despite showing them in the image – when, as you can see, they definitely do. The product page needs some heavy editing in my opinion.

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During use the cuffs were easy and comfortable to use, and most importantly – fun. It was simple for my partner to put these cuffs on me and buckle them securely and I’ve even slept while wearing them over night, while they were clipped together with the carabiners. Bondage adds a very fun power exchange element to roleplay and sex, and these cuffs are a delicious accessory to use.

Solid feeling, chunky, well made bondage wrist cuffs which I feel will last through many sessions and years of kinky pleasure.

If you’d like to own your own set, you can buy the Rimba Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs here at Temptations Direct for £49.99.






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