RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte – Pleasure Panel Review

3 out of 10

RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer My Tickle Trunk

There’s something so elusively sexy about a mask. To regular readers of My Tickle Trunk, it’s no secret that I love watching porn of intense and steamy orgies, complete with a certain air of anonymity. A mask can be so many things, from a coy way to hide your identity, to an introduction to basic roleplay between you and your partner. I’d always wanted a mask like this, and with its flexible and versatile form, it seemed like the perfect starter mask to dip into the world of masquerade sex. Unfortunately, the RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte has missed the mark and instead leaves me exposed and well… with a bit of a beak.

Perhaps it’s the high positioning of the ribbon ties (which sit at approximately eye level), but I was unable to wear the mask without having about 1.5” of space between the mask and my nose, with the fabric jutting upward. I don’t have a particularly large nose (as my Dad would say, I have an “English” nose – does that help?), so I can’t blame that, but something about the structure of this design has pulled in the mask too high, forcing the bottom half to point out at a 45 degree angle.

I think anyone looking at the RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte would have the illusion of the Venetian design, pulled tightly over the form of their face and caressing every curve to subtly conceal their identity. However once it hits below my eyes, it tents over my face instead of gracefully pulling across, not only creating a sloppy, goofy image, but also making it a bit hard to see. Except to see straight down to the floor below you.

Even the “model” on the Brigitte product page has the mask digitally super-imposed onto her face, so there was no way to spot the design flaw before ordering.

If I were to simply review the design of the RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte, I’d be happy with the lightweight material and the sturdy ties, all of which held up to being dropped and dumped around in my hectic bedroom for a few weeks. But even when I forced it to sit flat on my face for a few seconds, something about the look just seemed off. Maybe I was too pale for the dark black mask? Maybe masks weren’t for me? And then my boyfriend nailed it: “You look like a butterfly”

RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte Review Pleasure Panel-3

Oh sure, it’s a beautiful sentence, but suddenly I saw the flaw – I was buggy. The classic and complex Venetian design has been transformed into a monarch butterfly’s wing and my surprised eyes were looking right through it. Maybe it would be pretty in a different scenario, but this is a sex blog.

You would need to have a completely flat face to make the RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte work. I think. Even then I’m not sure it would be enough, and instead of having a parrot beak, you’d look like a beautiful but flappy insect. While the flat, one-size-fits-all nature of this design is appealing for both portability and budget, it would benefit much more form a natural, molded face design.

RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte Review Pleasure Panel-4

I’d had fantasies of wearing the RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte to the next masquerade night at my local sex club, but between the uncomfortable positioning, and its inability to form to my face, the illusion of anonymity is a bit shattered in the effort.

Rating: 3/10

Pros: Lightweight, design allows subtle anonymity

Cons: Doesn’t conform to face, leaves too much space below eyes, reminds men of butterflies

– My Tickle Trunk

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer My Tickle Trunk for this review of the RIANNE-S Masque II Brigitte (£11). 

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