Reviews: Freedoms Shop 24 x Condoms Passion Pouch (Black Regular Joe & Cream Tickler – Stimulating)

10 out of 10

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When you buy one of Freedoms Shop’s Passion Pouches you’re certainly getting multiple bang for your buck. 24 bangs, actually, for just £5.

Each ‘Passion Pouch’, a satin drawstring bag with the Freedoms Shop branded tag, contains 24 sealed condoms from reliable, trusted brands. You can choose from a bag of plain condoms (Regular Joe pouch) or stimulating ones (Tickler pouch) in a black or cream pouch, depending on your condom requirements or desires. That means there are four types of Passion Pouch to select from altogether.

Freedoms Shop sent me a black Regular Joe Passion Pouch and a cream Tickler Passion Pouch, free of charge, to test and review. The pouch I received that I assume falls into the cream category is actually white, not that I’m too bothered about the colour.

My Black ‘Regular Joe’ Passion Pouch contains 24 Skins condoms, sealed and well before their expiry date, in bright blue foil wrappers. The Cream (white) Tickler Passion Pouch contains 24 mixed stimulating condoms by Pasanté. There are 12 Ribs & Dots, 6 Cooling and 6 Warming types. They are also wrapped in foil packets and well before expiry date.

Each Freedoms Shop Passion Pouch also contains a small leaflet with full instructions & diagrams about how to fit and use a condom. You can also read my related article Sex Basics: How Do You Put a Condom On? here.

Freedoms Shop Passion Pouch Condoms Review

In my opinion these Passion Pouches represent fantastic value for money -equivalent Durex condoms from Boots cost £16.99 a box, and you don’t get a cute pouch in which you can store bullet vibrators– and they’re delivered fast and discreetly too. You can be assured of a professional service from Freedoms Shop who make enjoyable safe sex their top priority. So should you. Go buy Freedoms Shop Passion Pouches here for £5 each.

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