Review: ZOLO Pocket Pool Ball “Rack ‘Em” Male Masturbator Egg Sleeve

8 out of 10

 ZOLO Pocket Pool Ball (Purple “Rack Em”) Male Masturbator Review

ZOLO Pocket Pool Ball male masturbator review

When you want to ‘shoot some pool’ (hur-hur) these ZOLO sex toys for men were made for the job. If by shooting pool you mean masturbating, of course. With a fun and easily marketable design, the ZOLO Pocket Pool Ball masturbators bring an unapologetic fun element to male masturbation which shrugs off any misappropriated shame and boldly grasps the gearstick of male pleasure with both hands.

Simply Pleasure sent a couple of ZOLO male sex toys across for the purposes of a fair and honest review, and you can read our ZOLO Cup Male Masturbator review here.

Without further ado (or bad metaphors), let’s get down to what this product really is. You’ve probably all heard of the TENGA Egg masturbators for men, and if you haven’t – well, they’re fun, quirky, Japanese comfortable masturbation sleeves for men. Affordable, discreet, couples-friendly. The ZOLO Pocket Pool Balls are very similar in that way, arriving in a sphere rather than an egg, but the two halves opening (once you take off the outer wrapper) to reveal a stretchy, skin safe (feels like TPR – I am having this confirmed and will update) egg-shell shaped sheath in a translucent white colour. The outer of this object is smooth, with the inside being patterned with a different pattern depending on which ‘pool ball’ you have chosen.

We were sent the “Purple Rack Em” style, which has a repeating pattern almost like little rainbows on the inner of the sheath. As with the ZOLO Cup masturbator, you get a sachet of lubricant, which you WILL need in order to avoid any uncomfortable chafing. All friction must be good friction and lubricant is essential with male masturbators.

Remove the plastic insert to the sheath before use too; it shouldn’t have to be said but, yeah.

During use we found that it was much more enjoyable for him if I was the one in ‘driving mode’, ie holding the sheath around and over his penis and pumping him for his pleasure. The material stretches to accommodate and looks almost like it will tear when his erection is stretching it fully, but it’s actually surprisingly durable and didn’t rip.

He didn’t find this masturbator quite so intensely arousing as the ZOLO Cup Masturbator, he preferred the close, foam enclosure of that one. With the Pool Ball we found that I had to grip quite firmly and the material around him needed to be stretched taut over his shaft with enough lube so the movement gave the stimulation from the inner pattern. It took longer for him to orgasm with this than with the ZOLO Cup, but he still got there and it was satisfactory.

In his words, it’s “not as good as sex” but then you probably could have guessed that from the fact it’s a skin-feel masturbation sheath instead of a person’s orifice. However it’s also only £7.95 and if you cleaned it carefully you could use it 2-3 times before it really would just rip. It’s made to be disposable so officially one use only.

If you’re a man looking to try a new sensation during masturbation or to spice up foreplay and sexy-time with your partner, give the ZOLO Pocket Pool Ball Masturbators a try, just £7.95 each from Simply Pleasure.

You can also treat yourself to a 6 pack (without having to hit the gym – or the supermarket) and get the set for £47.95.


ZOLO– Cara Sutra


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