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Ultimate Lube Review

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Ultimate Lube - Sensation Enhancing Lubricant Review

I received the Ultimate Lube in my VIP gift bag from La Boudoir Boutique opening last Friday. Since then I have used this lubricant – along with the gorgeous Yes lubes – for my sexual activity and I’m pleased to share my feedback with you.

This lubricant, the somewhat vague and vain entitled ‘Ultimate Lube’ is part of the Ultimate Range of products by Planet Earth, some of which I have also reviewed. Primarily manufactured with men in mind, these products have ingredients and formulations which specifically target and boost the male libido as well as enhancing couples sex.

The Ultimate Range include male delay sprays and creams, semen boosters as well as herbal viagra style products, male sexual enhancement supplements and capsules. Plus, the Ultimate Lube!

When using this lubricant you notice the effects within a few seconds. Wherever you have applied it, you can feel the tingling start to develop, and a cross between heat and tingling coolness start to spread. Like a fiery ice sensation. It’s really quite dramatic!

I used a drop with my njoy Pure Plugs: Small and when used in the anal area it’s very effective indeed… heightened sensitivity against the cool metal felt fantastic and also raised the arousal levels much faster than anticipated.

During couples sex, you of course both get treated to the mystical properties of the Ultimate Lube. For PIV intercourse it was more effective to first apply a small amount to my clitoris and add some vibrating stimulation from a bullet during foreplay, then during sex, the lubricant heightened the sensitivity of the vagina. I found the cooling, tingling sensation very distracting, but the novelty of something new had an allure all of its own.

The tingling lasts after the sex session too, which replicates the natural sensation of the rush of blood to your sexual regions, the labia, clitoris and inside the vagina. For women, obviously. 🙂 My man reported back that the tingling and cooling sensation was very strong indeed, especially on the underside of the penis collar and around the frenulum.

If you’re very sensitive to lubricant effects and ingredients such as menthol and ginseng, you should do a patch test before slathering yourself in it and hammering away. In fact he package does recommend that you perform a patch test on the inside of your upper arm 24 hours prior to planned use.

He’s recovered now. 😉

This lubricant is not suitable for oral use, not only because of the ingredients but because the special tingling, blood rushing, potent formulation simply doesn’t taste all that nice.

The tube itself is easy to use; the 60ml tube which comes contained in the clearly labelled box has a flip top lid and simply dispenses by squeezing the tube. It stands on its end which is handy when it gets to running out time. Before the first use you will need to remove the small foil ‘hygiene assurance’ cover over the main opening underneath the flip top cap.

In summary: this is a brilliant lube for women and couples, especially those with some experience of different lubricants and wanting to try something new. I don’t generally buy into the ‘active formula’ claims of lubricants (or anything else, come to that), but after using this lubricant I can confirm that yes, it does raise arousal levels, increases the flow of blood to the sexual areas and makes you much more sensitive. It feels fantastic for female masturbation too, so don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just for men!

You can buy your tube of Ultimate Lube from The Ultimate Range here for £14.99.

Quick Review:

How much in a tube or bottle? 

60ml tube

How does it dispense?

Flip top cap, squeeze bottle

Does it contain glycerin/glycerine?


Does it contain parabens?

Unknown as yet

Is it vegan friendly?


Is it organic?


Does it stain?


Is it washable?


What are the ingredients?

ultimate lube

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