Review: The Rhino by Traz Penis Extension Sleeves (Genesis & Sleek)

9 out of 10

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I was offered the Rhino by Traz penis extension sleeves to test and review and I must have been having a mad moment because I said yes, ok then. That’s not to say they are terrible; rather that they’re not the kind of product I would normally jump to try. I don’t have a penis and although my partner has one, it’s definitely not in need of an extension.

Actually, the Rhino penis extension sleeves are not just penis extensions at all; they can also be used for solo female masturbation. Now this piqued my interest – no surprise there. The sizing insert can be placed inside, full length, and you can use it as a dildo on its own – or simply slide over a smaller dildo or vibrator for an instant size upgrade.

So the lovely folk at Traz Rhino sent me the Genesis and Sleek sleeves, free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thanks! Oh by the way – you can also win your choice of Rhino by Traz penis extension sleeve in this competition running until early January 2015.


The packaging is glossy and clearly marked with the logo and description of what’s inside – the specific product name and size is along the side. You can see the actual product through the transparent window on the front. Even the larger of the two I received didn’t look too scary, but then after the Fleshlight Frankenstein I don’t think I’m phased by sex toy size any more. Yowch.


This brings me to the measurements: the Traz Rhino Genesis measures 8 x 2 inches and the Traz Rhino Sleek measures 8 x 1.5 inches. I’m going to focus on the Genesis in this review as I have a guest review coming soon for the Rhino Sleek from regular reviewer and all round skivvy, minnie (it’s ok, he knows that’s his role in life).

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After a quick peruse of the instruction leaflet inside it was clear how the Genesis worked. Just squirt some lube inside, slide over his penis, see how much space is in the end and snip the enclosed insert to the right length. Remove penis, insert the, erm, insert. Stick penis back in. Stick the vacuum seal plug/stopper in the hole on the end (without this there would be a vacuum which would not only be noisy but would cause the extension to come off during sex). Add lube to the outside if you wish and commence the sexing.

How it feels

The Genesis did feel amazing during sex – more so because it was like being fucked with a huge dildo but with the force and warmth of a real man behind it. Luckily I’ve got a partner who is used to my sex toy testing life, and who isn’t emasculated by other penis-centric objects, so he saw both the interesting and amusing side and got into the flow pretty quickly. He also enjoyed the inner ribbed texture.

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After the initial fun we did remove the Rhino extension because as large and girthy and monster feeling as the Genesis extension was, I wanted to feel him inside me, skin to skin. I also like to feel him cum inside me during sex, instead of inside a device such as this sleeve.

My personal preference when using the Rhino Genesis is as a handy upgrade for existing sex toys. Slipping the sleeve over a slimmer dildo or vibrator gives you a monster masturbatory ride. Yes, the vibrations will be muffled and you shouldn’t leave the sleeve next to a silicone toy for too long, but for a horny humpathon it’s a novel boost. I don’t much rate the Rhino Genesis as a dildo on its own, the empty area doesn’t give you much to hold on to and thrust with. It was much better for me when I slipped a dildo inside – I used the slim one out of this wooden set. You could also slip a bullet vibrator in the sleeve first (turn it on first) then seal it with the stopper insert if you did want some motion inside.


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For people who are looking for an easy to use, non-intimidating penis extension though, the Rhino Genesis (or indeed the rest of the range) is a sound investment in my opinion. The sleeve is easy to wash after use and is made from silicone so it’s non-porous as well as waterproof. Clean it as usual with water or soapy water as per your preference then spritz with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

As the sleeve is silicone it’s only compatible with water based lubricant or hybrid lube.

Buy Links

Fancy giving it a try for yourself? The Traz Rhino Penis Extension Sleeves are priced from $49.95 (converts to £31.99 at today’s rates).

The Traz Rhino Genesis (8×2 inches) which I tried out is available in vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon shades and is priced at $69.95 (£44.99)

Here’s the details of the rest of the range:

Traz Rhino Sleek, 8×1.5 inches, available in vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon (all $49.95) or glow in the dark ($79.95/£51.50)

Traz Rhino Stampede, 8×2 inches (extra girthy head & dimpled exterior), vanilla, chocolare or cinnamon ($79.95)

Special Offer

You can save 10% on your Rhino purchase by using checkout discount code Cara Sutra.

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