Review: Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar with Cuffs Set

9 out of 10


I have wanted a new spreader bar for years, after losing a few many moons ago, and all of a sudden three turned up at once.

Here is the story of the 3 Sportsheets spreader bars (yep, all exactly the same product)

Spreader bar 1

This was sent to me free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review (blah blah you know the score by now) by a company called Midnight Play. Sadly, the spreader bar was missing a crucial part (one of the ends – and no spreading session should be left open ended) so I had to let MP know that I couldn’t review it. Would they be able to sort a replacement or at least let me know a returns address? They replied that they were very sorry, but the business was closing so I could do what I like with it. It’s still sat in the box, destined to forever bemoan its incomplete life, entirely useless.

Spreader bars 2… and 3

This is even more unbelievable. I received the second and third Sportsheets Spreader bar on the same day, in the same batch of post. Yes, really. Segzi had contacted me after hearing about a) my critical need for a spreader bar and b) the tragedy of Spreader Bar 1 and arranged to have one sent to me FOCIEFAFAHR (free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review).

What I didn’t know what that at the same time, Uber Kinky – the wonderful, thoughtful people at Uber Kinky – had arranged to send me the same Sportsheets spreader bar as a surprise gift to celebrate their 8th birthday. Defintely not FOCIEFAFAHR. As you can imagine, I felt pretty irrationally terrible after opening the gift and let them know straight away. They were very understanding and guess what? You’re all going to benefit from entering a giveaway to win it in a new competition coming up soon.

I’ve only reviewed one Sportsheets product previously and I hope there will be many more.

Right with that out of the way, let’s get on with the Sportsheets Spreader Bar review for

The Review

sportsheets spreader bar and cuffs set-1

First impressions

The Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar & Cuff Set costs £38.99 at Segzi at the time of writing and this seems pretty decent value to me. Delivery was fast, discreet and professional from Segzi and the Sportsheets packaging of the spreader bar is glossy and pretty with a typical model displaying the product on the front. The back of the box gives you some idea how to use it, put it together and the measurements.

In the box

There are five elements in the Sportsheets Spreader Bar box; two end pieces finished with a D ring at the end, a central piece with the Sportsheets logo and a D ring attached to the centre of the outside and two velvet feel Sportsheets branded cuffs with a velcro style fasten and attached trigger clips to clip them on to the ends of the spreader bar once assembled.

The three metal elements are inside bubble wrap tubes when you open the box, protecting them throughout storage, transit and delivery to your door.


Putting the spreader bar together is easy. Each of the end pieces has two retractable nodes on the sides, near the end which is placed into the central aspect. Squeeze them in so they retract fully and insert the end into the central piece. Twist around to keep the nodes inserted until they line up with the hole you wish to set the bar into. There are three holes on each side of the central aspect, giving you three spread lengths of the bar.


Clip a cuff to each of the D rings on the end and you have a spreader bar assembled ready to use.


The minimum spread of the bar is 29.5 inches and the maximum is 38 inches. There are three holes to each side of the central piece giving you three options for the length of your bar.

As for the wrist cuffs, they fasten with a velcro strip so adjust to fit pretty much any size ankle or wrist. The minimum circumference they can realistically be used at is 5.5 inches by my measurements, while the maximum is 12.5 inches, again by my own measurements.

During use

I was a little worried when I first tried the Sportsheets Spreader Bar on my own – I could close my knees completely even with the bar at ‘full spread’. After a while it dawned on me that I was sitting up to check, and it may be different laying down. I’m used to putting people in these things not having them used on myself 😉


Laying down, I could still get the tops of my thighs to smoosh closed if I really tried, but it was much better than the full closure afforded when sat up.

Using this bar during both masturbation and sex is amazing. I definitely recommend strapping yourself into one (ankles) while using the Doxy wand, for instance – and combined with a butt plug too it’s simply magical. During sex, he really enjoyed having my legs spread apart while he was on top of me, or teasing me with fingers and toys while I was restrained. Although the cuffs are velcro, once you have your hands otherwise engaged they hold really well. I hope this doesn’t lessen in time, but even then the cuffs are easily replaced as they simply attach with trigger clips.


The trigger clips on the cuffs also make them usable with other bondage furniture and accessories too, such as hog tie sets and underbed restraint sets. Very versatile.

Using the spreader bar while you try to close your legs through sex and/or orgasming is also a fantastic workout for your upper thighs – as I found out through days of very memorable aching. Rest assured, they were happy aches.

The central D ring to the outer of the middle section means that this bar could be used with a suspension frame or other dungeon style set up for suspending a submissive. Obviously you would have to make your own checks that the hook you attach to and any rope/chains used with the bar’s D rings were secure, stable and safe, and that you don’t suspend anyone by the wrists alone with their body weight pulling on the wrists as this would be hazardous.


I believe that this is a great spreader bar set for both beginners to the more kinky areas of sex, as well as those who are specifically looking for a good quality or replacement spreader bar for their kinky sex toys collection. It would look equally in place in a professional dungeon or playroom set up as it does in a personal kinky kit. At under £40 it’s priced reasonably well, particularly taking the quality into account and the versatility of the detachable, soft feel but securely fastening cuffs. The velcro fasten is unintimidating but very effective. I would personally prefer the bar to spread even wider but maybe I have longer legs than most? Or a more greedy, kinky appetite!

If you’d like to try it out, buy the Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set here at Segzi for £38.99.


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