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8 out of 10

On Female Arousal Oil from Simply Pleasure

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‘On’ – Natural Arousal Oil for Her (ampoule)

My curiosity was piqued upon first setting eyes on the Sensuva On range of female arousal products over at Simply Pleasure.

Naturally cynical about this sort of product, I think they usually work with the natural tingle of mint to create the illusion of a physical or libidinous change. However, On very clearly states that it’s menthol-free. So how does it work – and indeed, does it even work at all?

Simply Pleasure kindly indulged my curiosity and sent a sample of On to try. A sachet style packet houses 1 ‘ampoule’ (read: liquid filled capsule) containing the magic mystery substance that promises to ramp even my libido up to penis-scorching proportions.

Rip open the easy-tear sachet and you can tip the ampoule out on to your palm. It’s a small transparent capsule, through which you can see the golden coloured oil within. A slim applicator arm extends from the capsule, the end of which has been heat sealed.

On Arousal Oil for Women

On Female Arousal Oil

Snip open the end of the applicator arm and you can squeeze the ampoule between thumb and index finger to apply the arousal oil on to your finger tip to massage into the clitoris.

Now I must say that at this point you may have been tempted to just bite the end of the applicator in order to open it. I certainly was. But it did state for external application and as I didn’t want to sprout another head due to accidental ingestion, I duly fetched the scissors and snipped off the heat sealed plastic like a good girl.

On Female Arousal Oil

On is not to be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Yeah – strong stuff. So, choosing a day when my little breastfed babba had moved on to bottles, I could get my claws into testing On with a clear conscience. Proof that you should always read the labels, kids.

The liquid stays inside the capsule – sorry, ampoule – until you squeeze it. It is very easy to apply, just squeeze the liquid out on to your finger tip to apply to your clitoris. It says 1-2 drops but I probably did 3-4, just to be on the safe side. Hey look, I don’t ever believe these things really work so what harm could a couple more drops do? Also, I didn’t want a half full capsule of oil hanging around the room.

Rubbing it in slightly so it wouldn’t just soak into my underwear and do nothing, I went back about my business (yes, I did wash my hands actually) and waited for the knicker combusting effects to begin.

It was quite heated in that area, on a surface level, from just a couple of seconds after application. This was probably due to the cinnamon oil that forms part of the ingredients. No menthol, no – but there is another skin tingling ingredient, cinnamon.

During the 1-2 hours afterwards I did feel heightened levels of arousal. However I am not sure if this was a chemical reaction from the On, or whether it was psychosomatic; my mind being aware I should be more aroused due to the application of the arousal oil.

My clitoris wasn’t annoyingly tingly, nor did it just flare with heat due to the oil application. After an hour it simply throbbed every so often, as if I should attend to it with toys or a lover’s tongue. I did feel an urge to have sex, but it wasn’t overwhelming – although I had sex anyway! I could tell there was a definite effect that had come from somewhere; so in that way, the On did work.

It’s £4 for a golden ampoule of On goodness; I think it’s a fair price for that boosted arousal effect that can actually be felt. It did work for me and next time I think I’ll go for the larger balm or oil bottle. Before a night out, this would be absolutely amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, if your libido suffers then I don’t think it will be a magic cure. You do need to have something there for it to work with. If you have a healthy sex life then this is a novel addition. It won’t be the silver lined cloud that charms you out of a sex drought!

Fancy giving it a go for yourself? Everybody is different and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this different product.

Grab your ampoule here from Simply Pleasure for £4. You can also try the 5ml bottle of oil for £18 or the 2g stick of balm for £13.95.


Post script:  After a naughty tweet from the (appropriately named) Nice ‘n Naughty team, I did try a couple of drops on my tongue. Remember the space dust we all enjoyed as kids? This has the same effect, fizzing and buzzing – but without the nice taste! It does NOT taste nice. The effect however, is hilarious. Thinking about it, might be a good time to try it just before oral sex on him… see if he notices anything different! I’ll keep you updated…

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