Review: Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

8 out of 10
Rocks Off

Rocks Off Slap n Tickle SetRocks Off Toys

The Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Kit

When I learned that I was going to be testing another product for Rocks Off, I was expecting a bullet vibe, or perhaps a Rock Chick update. I certainly could not have imagined the Slap n Tickle Beginner’s S&M Kit (there’s a cheeky mouthful).

Promoted in pride of place on the home page of the Rocks Off site, you might at first be deceived into thinking it’s a set presented only in fuchsia pink and black. You’d be wrong. I happily (for I am not a huge fan of pink sex toys) received this set in glorious red and black – perfect for me!

The set comes packaged in a long, rectangular box. It’s really quite sizable. Within the set you get the following:

  • Rocks Off logo embossed riding crop with red handle detailing
  • Red and black feather tickler
  • Red and black satin/lace wrist cuffs with a connecting chain
  • Black satin blindfold with red Rocks Off and wording detail
  • The RO-100mm Soft Tip bullet in red

Of course the red parts would be fuchsia pink instead if you chose the pink set.

Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

I was amazed with the value you get with this set. For a smidge under £60 you have decent, reliable products from a brand you can trust. I also particularly love the crop, with the Rocks Off heart motif. So cute!

Here are the products in more detail.

Riding Crop

Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

As I’ve mentioned, the riding crop is very cute and has the Rocks Off heart logo embellished on the square finished PU leather tip. The tip is securely attached to the flexible shaft, then finished with a faux red leather wrapped handle, with additional red hanging loop.

The crop is just over 22 inches in length and gives a very sound thwack when used on a naughty bottom. It’s quite easy to leave some erotic markings on your partner with it too.

It’s not of an equestrian standard, so I couldn’t go all out as a BDSM Mistress and really give it full whack on someone without fear of it snapping. But then I have a tendency to snap crops regularly anyway. As long as you keep it to a mild smack and firm tap here and there, it will last you. It’s a beginner’s bedroom crop that will see you through much kinky ‘punishment’.

Feather Tickler

Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

This feather tickler is so pretty. In vividly contrasting red and black, the feathers are superbly soft and teasing to use over the skin. I actually find it very relaxing to lay back, naked, and allow (!) the use of this feather tickler over my skin. It’s a gentle sort of arousal, very mild and not scary at all. It would be perfect for someone making the transition from vanilla to a little bit of kink.

Of course, in the depths of depravity you can always use it to teasingly torment someone who is bound and gagged. Where you use it to torture them is up to you!

The tickler is 18 inches in overall length, flexible and strong. Strong for a feather tickler that is. Obviously if you try and bend it double it will break. Just use it how it’s intended and it will last you for years.

Top tip: Also fantastic for removing dust from your desk or bookshelves. Embrace it as part of the scene by dolling them up as a maid and getting them to do the dusting first! *laughs*

Wrist Cuffs

Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

These wrists cuffs are a pretty adornment. That’s all they are though; clothing, really. They are worn by simply slipping them onto each wrist by way of the concertina style elastic cuffs, made from red satin and black tulle. There are pretty bows and there is a chain connecting the two cuffs.

The chain is removable from one cuff by way of the trigger clip to one side. However, it is an integral part of the other cuff. Unfortunately this means they are only wearable in the bedroom. If only they had a trigger clip to the other cuff too, so the chain was entirely removable. Then I could wear the cuffs as a fashion accessory on nights out, and the chain could be used with the rest of my fetish collection.

Don’t expect these cuffs to actually restrain you; it’s very easy to slip free from them even when your hands are behind your back. However, if you are new to kink then you will probably like the freedom to do this. I don’t personally know why you’d wear cuffs you can break free from, but there we go. I know I am not exactly a ‘beginner’ in the field of kink!


Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

A cute blindfold that’s also a marketing statement! Joking aside, this blindfold is made from black satin and has a nicely padded eye area. It has long ties to attach it to your (or your partner’s) head – just tie it in a bow as tight as you wish.

The ties style fastening does mean this blindfold is definitely more suited to light teasing play, as if you move your head around vigorously while wearing it then you can cause it to move out of place.

Like I say, there is the Rocks Off branding on the front of the blindfold too, as well as the italicised wording, “with passion in mind”. Plus a cute red bow. Perfect for Rocks Off fans and those who like a good night’s kip.

Top tip: wear it on a long haul flight to advocate the wonders of Rocks Off toys to all your fellow passengers! *jokes*

RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet Vibrator

Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

Part of the famous Rocks Off bullet vibrator range, the RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet vibe is yet another handheld, sleekly made toy. It is available separately for £14.99.

It’s waterproof, has 3 speeds and features a chrome coloured plastic casing with a soft silicone, flexible red tip.

It comes in the usual transparent plastic housing as packaging, with instructions and details attached.

I will review this bullet separately (watch this space for an update) – but suffice to say it has three functions (constant vibration, faster constant vibration and pulsing), it’s easy to use (push button) and waterproof.

Not the most powerful bullet out there but comfortable to use and the silicone tip is surprisingly effective at transmitting the vibrations, as long as you don’t push too hard on your skin. Just let it flutter by your clitoris and it feels even better, in my opinion. Takes an N size battery too – hurray!

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*** *** *** ***

In summary: if you are a hardened (excuse the pun), extreme fetishist who is into the more depraved parts of BDSM and power exchange, this is going to be too tame for you. But then it would serve you right for buying a Beginner’s Kit really.

If you love beautiful, well made, reliable bedroom bondage and light kink accessories, you are going to love this. Even better, whether you’re a pink or red fan there’s a choice for you.

I am mostly going to be using the bullet vibrator for my orgasms, the crop for spankings and the rest of the kit as part of photographic shoots! I am going to give marks based on the fact it is designed for kink beginners, and it’s so well made and pretty.

Grab your kit here from Rocks Off for £59.99.

Rocks Off Slap and Tickle Beginners S&M Kit


  1. I love those cuffs sooo much! I would be tempted to take off the chain completely (if it doesn’t break)and use them as outfit accessories!
    Great reviews 🙂

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