Review: Rocks Off Men’s Jockey Pants / Boxer Shorts / Briefs (Large)

10 out of 10
Rocks Off
Cotton, Elastane

Rocks Off Boxers -1

When speaking with Rocks Off recently about reviewing some new sex toys for them I happened to notice that they sell Rocks Off mens boxers on the site. It’s not often you see sex toy company branded items, other than the actual sex toys themselves I mean. My partner Sable wears this style of underwear so I enquired about the possibility of procuring some, in the interests of ‘testing them out’ of course. Rocks Off we’re delighted to send me a pair along with toys to review (review for the RO-JIRA coming soon) and here we are. Our thoughts on the Rocks Off boxers.

Rocks Off Boxers -5

They’re actually black Fruit of the Loom boxers with the Rocks Off and Rude Boy logos on the front. This means that they’re made with high quality cotton and elastane, giving the wearer a comfortable pair of boxers to wear beneath clothing or to bed. These aren’t silky satin boxers which look sexy but aren’t very practical. They’re not a lycra G string or one of those befuddling one sided man thong things. Here you have an everyday, comfy pair of cotton boxers which simply and plainly state your love of Rocks Off sex toys.

Rocks Off Boxers - Sable-1

Sadly, these lovely boxers are only available in size large or extra-large at the moment. Hopefully Rocks Off will soon add them in other sizes.

There’s not much more to say about these comfy boxers, apart from the fact that they’re only £10 a pair from the Rock Off Ltd website here.



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