Review: Pjur Espresso Powered by Caffeine Water Based Sex Lubricant

10 out of 10

Pjur Espresso Powered by Caffeine Water Based Sex Lubricant Review

Pjur Espresso Powered by Caffeine Water Based Sex Lubricant Review

Contrary to my first impressions, the Pjur Espresso lubricant is not a coffee flavoured lube, nor does it even smell like coffee or anything caffeinated. One of the newest additions to the reliable and top quality Pjur range of lubricants, Pjur Espresso lube does actually contain caffeine in the ingredients. But don’t drink it, or mistakenly think you’ll reek of coffee after using it. This is a scent free, taste free lube which merely harnesses the natural stimulating and arousing effect of caffeine.


As with the other lubricants in the Pjur range, the Pjur Espresso lubricant is crystal clear and dispenses through a hole at the top of the bottle, revealed by removing the twist off cap. The label is in a chocolate brown colour, along with the appropriate details of the contents, for unmistakeable coffee connotations.

Pjur Espresso lubricant is a water based lubricant which can be used for your choice of sexual pleasure – be it couples sex, use with sex toys, anal sex or masturbation. I find this lubricant great to use with silicone sex toys, for couples sex and for masturbation; I use specific anal lubricants for my anal pleasures. They’re thicker and longer lasting.

As this lube is water based, in time it will evaporate with enough body heat and friction. However, it is still long lasting, particularly for a water based lubricant.

I’m not sure whether it was a placebo effect, but I did feel much more tingly when using this lubricant for masturbation than my usual water based lube. Sure, I knew of the caffeine ingredient, but for me, I do feel that this lubricant is particularly stimulating. This is especially the case when used over the clitoris, during female masturbation.

I’d recommend the Pjur Espresso water based lubricant to all who want to experience the power of caffeine in lubricant form, with the scent and taste free, high quality and reliable lubricant blend you’ve come to depend upon from Pjur.

You can find out more information about the Pjur Espresso Powered by Caffeine water based sex lubricant here. I have the 30ml bottle but I can only find the 100ml bottle sold online.

Buy a 100ml bottle of Pjur Espresso water based caffeine lube here at Lovehoney for £12.99.

– Cara Sutra


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