Review: Petits Joujoux A Trip to London Luxury Massage Candle (Small)

10 out of 10

Petits Joujoux Trip to London Small Massage Candle Review

petits joujoux massage candle review MyStim

This massage candle is a delight. I received the Petits Joujoux Trip to London Massage Candle (Small) when I was at eroFame recently, the adult industry trade show in Hannover, Germany.  After a thorough introduction to the Petits Joujoux range by the lady at the stand, Ellie and I took away a goody bag each which included this candle.

The Petits Joujoux brand is a side venture of the MyStim company, something completely different to their electrosex sex toys and accessories! The Petits Joujoux range includes masquerade style face and eye masks, massage candles and burlesque inspired nipple decorations which sparkle decadently in a range of colours.

 petits joujoux massage candles

The small Petits Joujoux Trip to London Massage Candle comes beautifully presented in a black lidded pot, sealed with a white satin bow. Undo the bow to remove the lid, revealing the candle sat in a glass container inside. I would advise using the candle set well apart from the external packaging, as there would be a fire risk otherwise.

Set the candle in the glass container on a heat resistant surface or candle plate before lighting, then prise up the wick. Once lit, the aroma of the candle becomes stronger than the faint scent of it from first opening the box. The specially formulated ‘wax’ melts to a luxurious massage oil, which can be used on yourself or a partner during moments of relaxation or foreplay.

Unlike cheaper massage candles, the oil from the Petits Joujoux Trip to London Massage Candle doesn’t leave any residue. Instead, it is easily absorbed by the skin, acting as an effective moisturiser as well as a candle and massage oil.

I love the smell of this candle so much. I light it regularly just to enjoy the scent, then rub the oil on my wrists and other pulse points as the fragrance is just so addictive.

The Trip to London scent, curiously named, actually does remind you of London. Although it doesn’t smell like London in the slightest, so perhaps the connotation is psychosomatic. The ingredients include elements of rhubarb, ambra and cassis which is a delicious mix.

You can buy the Petits Joujoux Massage Candles, available in a wide variety of scents, here at the Petits Joujoux offshoot site from MyStim. The large versions cost €29.80 (approx £25) each while the small ones cost €19.80 (approx £17) each. A little bit expensive but you’re paying for the gloriously romantic presentation and the luxurious ingredients.

petits joujoux massage candle reviewThe Petits Joujoux massage candle range includes:

  • A trip to Paris – with vanilla and sandalwood
  • A trip to Rome – with grapefruit and bergamot
  • A trip to London – with rhubarb, ambra and cassis
  • A trip to the Orient – with pomegranate and white pepper
  • A trip to Athens – with musk and patchouli
  • A trip to Waikiki Beach – with coconut and pineapple

Try one for yourself and be seduced by the delicious scents, the luxury of the massage oil and the romance of the packaging.

I love them and can’t wait to try another.


– Cara Sutra


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