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9 out of 10

Nexus RevO 2 package, lube and sex toy cleaner

Nexus Sex Toys

Nexus Slide Water Based Lubricant

I recently reviewed the Nexus RevO 2 Male Prostate Massager and with that, Nexus kindly sent me some of their über brand new Slide Water Based Lubricant and Nexus Wash Sex Toy Cleaner (to be reviewed separately).

The Slide lube comes presented in high quality packaging. The box has both been designed intelligently, with the mostly male market in mind, without distancing the female partners that may also be using the lube. The feel is elegant and upmarket, as well as being made from a good quality cardboard with a rich matte finish.

You can tell that Nexus have invested in the design and presentation of their product and it gives you some reassurance about the product within.


Nexus Slide Water Based Sex Lubricant

Nexus Slide Water Based Sex Lubricant

Opening up the box you discover the lube bottle. It has a little clip at the neck which is easily removed; this stops the lubricant from leaking accidentally during transit up to delivery.

With 150ml of water based lubricant, this bottle should last you a good while. It is easy to dispense with the pump dispensing action, which may cost the company a little more than the flip tops on bottles that we so often see, but is so entirely worth it. The bottle can stand upright on a counter or bedside table and you can easily dispense lubricant with one hand. Perfect for what should be a non-interruptive accessory for the bedroom.

The lubricant itself is water based which means you can use it for any type of sexual pleasure whether masturbation, sex, or with silicone products and condoms. It does state that it is a thicker formulation which has been designed for anal play, not a surprise as it’s from Nexus, supplier of male anal sex toys.

Nexus Slide Water Based Sex Lubricant

Nexus Slide Water Based Sex Lubricant

However, I do like using this lube myself for any sexual occasion, solo or shared. I recently used it with a glass butt plug for myself, as well as with the Nexus RevO 2 with him. It was perfect on both of those occasions, warming quickly to the skin and not causing any adverse reactions or irritation.

The lube lasts a long time during sexual use and doesn’t tend to dissipate quickly like some thinner, cheaper water based lubes. It’s easily washed off afterwards with soap and water too, if you do have any left on your skin.

It feels clean, if you get what I mean. Not greasy or oily. That’s what puts me off using silicone lubricants a lot of the time, I have to get into a red hot shower and lather myself top to toe with soap in order to wash it off sometimes! Maybe a slight exaggeration, but you get my gist.

Nexus Slide Water Based Sex Lubricant

It does list glycerine as one of the ingredients – so if you’re a girl who likes to be wary of such things, be aware. Using glycerine products inside the vagina can cause reactions in some people. It has been shown to increase the production of yeast and irritation in the vagina for some women, but I don’t find it a problem for me personally. In any case, this is a lubricant from a male targeting company, who state that it’s for anal use. So there.

Side note:  Lube ingredients don’t bother me to much personally,  after all, I am the sort of girl who experiments with Chocolate Oranges and After Eight mints.

Nexus Slide Water Based Lubricant is available from Nexus for £6.99 per 15oml bottle. It’s a fantastic complement to anal sex and anal toys as well as presented in gift style packaging to accompany a personal gift for your man.


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