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8 out of 10

NexusThe Nexus RevO 2

Nexus Sex Toys

This is my – well our, I suppose I should say – first Nexus toy! Nexus offer a range of high quality sex toys for men. There are a few that can be used with a partner too.

When Nexus contacted me in order to arrange a review of one of their products, I was curious as to what they could offer. I’ve heard of Nexus and been involved with sales of their toys but that was a long time ago now. I remember the range including merely a selection of butt plugs and prostate massagers in the usual materials, plastic or silicone.

Looks like Nexus have come a long way since then and I was offered the RevO 2 to try out. Well, for my man to try out! It’s a rechargeable prostate massager which gives a range of different vibrating functions, meant to stimulate the male prostate via anal penetration as well as testicular and perineum stimulation too.

Delivery was professional, fast and discreet, with a blank invoice giving a description of contents as well as company details enclosed.


I had a nice surprise as well, upon opening – Nexus had kindly sent some of their water based sex lubricant and sex toy cleaner for me to try too. I’m really impressed with the packaging, so sleek and professional, made with high quality materials. I will review these products separately.

The RevO 2 has its own beautiful, luxurious packaging, seeming more a gift set than a personal purchase. There is an outer sleeve marked with the RevO 2 logo, then within that is the actual box. Lift the lid to reveal the product sitting behind a transparent plastic lid.





I couldn’t easily remove the RevO 2 from the moulding, I must say. I had to take the plastic housing out and push it out from behind.

Underneath this plastic housing you find the rest of the kit: stretchy black man-style drawstring storage bag, instruction booklet, magnetic segment and the charging lead.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow and you even get a lovely diagram of the toy with all features and areas labelled and described.


Ok, so, it’s a rechargeable toy, it needs charging up! The RevO 1st edition was battery powered and only had 2 functions (although I didn’t own it), so I had high hopes for this 2nd edition model.

Here’s what they say:

The RevO 2 uses a funky magnetic recharging system, similar to the Fun Factory Stronic Eins and the We-Vibe Thrill vibrator. It also recharges not from a wall socket but from USB port. A lovely ‘manly’ added touch. Don’t lynch me, gender warriors.



Plug the charging lead into the USB port on your desktop or laptop or whichever USB port you want to use. The other end gets connected to the magnetic disc. Then this has two metal ‘prongs’ that magnetically attach to the RevO 2, where you can see two correlating metal areas behind the shaft.

When you first start charging up the RevO 2, the LED within the massager will glow red. Once it is charged, it glows green.


I did find I had to set the massager up against something, to ensure the magnetic prongs stayed in the right place, which is something to note. If you just connect and bung it down any-old-how, you may find it doesn’t stay connected and your product won’t be charging.

This isn’t a problem you get with wall socket rechargeable toys.

However, on the plus side, this method of recharging the toy does mean that it’s more water resistant. Yes, you can get other wall socket rechargeable sex toys which are waterproof but they require some kind of sealing cover or special technology covering within the port. The magnetic metal areas keep the product smooth and elegant looking as well.

Now, once charged, it’s ready to go. We wanted to make sure we had lube for the special occasion (as you should do when you’re enjoying anal products and anal sex). We used the Nexus Slide Water Based lubricant (to be reviewed separately), which got the approval of our OCD natures (yay, matching lube!) and is water based so would not deteriorate the silicone surface of the toy.

Nexus Lube

He was a bit worried the shaft might be too big for him. Poor baby can’t take a lot of girth up there, and his boyfriend is already monstrously huge. The shaft of the RevO 2 doesn’t look that wide, or at least that’s what I told him. *wink*

The actual official measurements are:

Total Height: 145.5mm

Base Width: 126.5mm

Insertable Length: 100.6mm

Shaft Width (at thickest point): 31.7mm

The length of the shaft I measured at 3.5 inches insertable, with a maximum circumference of 4 inches.

There are 6 stimulation modes:

1 – Slow head rotation / no vibration

2 – Slow head rotation / continuous vibration

3 – Slow head rotation / pulsing vibration

4 – Fast head rotation / no vibration

5 – Fast head rotation / continuous vibration

6- Fast head rotation / pulsing vibration

You press the power button on the underside of the front to scroll through the functions. After the last function, you reach the ‘off’ setting.

You do have to scroll through all the functions to get to the ‘off’ setting, you can’t just press and hold to turn off, which is a shame. It means that once the man has orgasmed, or simply finished using the RevO 2, he has to cycle through from whoever mode he is on, to the ‘mode 7’ or ‘off’ setting.

There also isn’t a hugely marked difference between ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ as far as the head rotation is concerned, although I do love the fact that I now own an anal toy with a rotating head. Just don’t mention the Exorcist while you’re using it, it really cuts the atmosphere.

The RevO 2 has an ABS plastic base which is a nice contrast in your hand from the silicone covered shaft. The choice to make it with two materials, smooth plastic and easy grip but velvety silicone gives you more control as you hold it too, even when using lube.

The power button on the underside of the front is made from soft, easy press silicone, which you indent to use. The silicone covered power button with power logo feels different from the plastic around it so it’s easy to find. Your man doesn’t have to be a contortionist in order to find it, which is nice. (Or alternatively – disappointing, if you wanted to see him with his head between his legs.)


We got down to using the RevO 2 properly and I slipped it into him with help from the Nexus lube. It felt quite long inside him and the bottom/handle part slid  nicely up so the noduled area was underneath and stimulating his testicles.

The RevO 2 was a bit large for him to use comfortably and quite overwhelming with the stimulating vibrations too. I had to then cycle through all the modes to get to the ‘off’ setting, rather annoyingly.

Cleaning it thoroughly, I gave the RevO 2 a go myself. Ok, so I don’t have the male prostate or testicles (honest), but I could still benefit from the RevO 2’s shaft and vibrations through anal penetration, right?

The vibrating functions that had seemed lovely while I was cycling through them in my hand could barely be felt inside. And yes, I do have sensation up there. The vibrations are so weak that they were almost entirely lost, which is such a shame. My favourite one was #5, fast continuous vibration with fast head rotation.

If the vibrations were at least 50% more powerful it would be a different toy and well worth the price tag; after all the toy is water-resistant (note, not waterproof), rechargeable and made from lovely, luxurious materials.

As for whether he liked it? He did find the size intimidating but we’re going to work on that. I’ll use it myself as an anal toy in the meantime, I just wish it had lots more oomph. It’s easy to clean and I had some Nexus Sex Toy Cleaner that did the job (to be reviewed separately).

I can’t see this being worth the £120 that is being asked for it, but I can see that quite a lot of technology has been required – the magnetic recharging, water resistance and the amount of functions for a start.

Get your RevO 2 from Nexus for £120 if you want to give it a go yourself.


  1. It isn’t waterproof, the vibrater goes out with in two uses, and the rotating internal mechanism relies on a piece of plastic thinner than a pencil. The revo is fun but you have to be carefull not to break it or get water in it. I’ve had two, same problems with both and no customer support for this expensive toy. Nexus just ignores you.

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