Review: Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug

8 out of 10

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-20


The Nexus Range Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug was sent at the same time as the Nexus Cadence rabbit vibrator, both sent by Nexus free of charge for the purposes of a fair and honest review. As such, this review contains merely my own experiences, thoughts and opinions, and as we’re all different your experiences with the same product may vary.

Delivery was fast and packaging was safe and discreet, as you’d expect from a professional and award-winning adult products company. You can read my other Nexus range sex toy reviews here.

Presentation & First Impressions

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-2

The Nexus Ace butt plug comes in a good quality and attractively presented box in keeping with the rest of the Nexus range of sex toys. The main colour of the sleeve which bears the product name, image and description of contents is black, whereas the box that holds the product, inside this sleeve, is an orangey-red colour.

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-7

Removing the sleeve I found the Ace plug and remote control set into a moulded insert, which is one of those that’s plastic but covered in a velvet-feel texture. The moulded insert is grey. Underneath this insert I found the multi-lingual instruction booklet and charging lead.

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-9

The plug seemed the traditional shape and is what I’d describe as medium in size. Not tiny, not huge. Maybe a little adventurous for a complete beginner but if you’re into your anal fun then it shouldn’t be a problem. Silicone plug with a plastic remote control. Easily located power button on the base of the plug and ridges on the neck of the plug and lower portion of the insertable area – presumably for additional stimulation of the anal entrance. Good size flat base which marks this as a safe for anal use product. So far, so good.

Charging Up

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-15

Charging up the Nexus Ace butt plug is simple. The charging lead has a magnetic disc at the end (the other end is USB so can be used in any USB port or USB to mains adaptor). This attaches to the two flat metal nodes on the base of the plug. There’s a small red LED which lights up to let you know it’s all connected ok (see first photo on this post), and this changes to green once the plug is fully charged.

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-18

Now, some of you may be thinking oh no, not a magnetic charger! I know I did. It’s true that a lot of magnetic charging leads are totally naff. They fall off, or you have to precariously balance the toy on a ledge with about 6 props holding it in exactly that position, or the charging function is totally iffy all the way through, or a variety of other problems. I didn’t have these problems with the Nexus Ace, in fact the magnetic disc snapped reassuringly firmly into position and it was easy to lay the plug down and let it charge up.

Material & Specs

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-8

The Nexus Ace butt plug is made with silicone, which is non-porous and body safe but only compatible with water based or sex toy safe hybrid lubricants. It’s not advisable to use silicone lube with silicone sex toys or you may damage the material on the toy.

Nexus Ace, by my own measurements, measures 5 inches in overall length, with an insertable length of 4.25 inches and a maximum circumference of 5 inches.

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-17

Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Butt Plug-CS-800-16

The remote control is 3 inches in length with a width of 1.25 inches and it’s quite slim. It’s light and easy to hold in the hand. There’s the possibility of it getting lost in the sheets if you happen to just chuck it during sex or masturbation, so I found I needed to hang on to it or make sure I put it on the bedside table. The size of it is definitely preferable to one the size of a brick though, so there is that. The remote control is battery operated and comes with the battery inside. It’s a large disc or watch battery (CR2032) so bleh it’s a watch battery but yay it’s large size and hopefully won’t need to be replaced often. It’s not in the main toy either, as that’s rechargeable, the way I prefer my sex toys to be powered.

Trying to get the tray out of the remote control, where the battery is located, is a pain. You need to press the end of the remote control in (quite a long way) and then it pops out. I thought I was going to break it – and there’s no instructions on this in the little booklet provided either. On future versions I’d like to see improvements to this. Right now it feels cheap and fragile when the battery is being located/replaced.


To use Nexus Ace once it was charged up I just had to press the power button on the flat base. There’s only the one button, by the charging nodes, so it’s easy to locate even if you’re turning it on while it’s inside you (or another person). Once it’s on a green LED will show letting you know that it’s definitely on – not that you will see this while it’s between your legs unless you’re some kind of amazing contortionist, in which case all power to you. Anyway testing it out before inserting it let me know how it all works, so I pressed the button while it was inside me and then I could get to grips with the remote control.

The clicks on the remote are pretty loud, and the vibrations on the plug aren’t silent either although they’re quieter once the toy is safely tucked away inside. With the plug’s power button on, I just had to press the remote control once to turn on constant vibrations, then again and again to discover the other patterns.

The six vibrating functions:

  • Constant vibration
  • Higher constant vibration
  • Highest constant vibration
  • Pulse vibration
  • Faster pulse
  • Ascending vibration

To turn it off, you just have to press and hold the remote control power button. If you prefer, you can turn it off using the power button on the plug itself.

How it feels

I am not an anal newbie by any means but I’m not a reaming fetishist either. It’s still a challenge to get medium to large plugs inside but with a slathering of lubricant I managed the Nexus Ace. Once completely inserted up to the flat base it was very satisfying even before the vibrations. I’m not sure that the ridges add much stimulation with the plug merely inserted, although they do add more sensation during the process of the plug being inserted, if it’s twisted round during use and also when removing (which can be incredibly sensitive if you’ve just orgasmed).

The gently pointed tip and traditional tulip shape makes the Nexus Ace butt plug slide home comfortably, especially when using lube which is a must.

Finding and pressing the main power button on the plug was easy, even with the plug inserted. It was refreshing to use a remote control to operate the rest of the vibrations – no wires or fiddling between my legs! It’s as easy as laying back and doing whatever the hell else I wanted, and turning vibrations on, up or off simply with the press of a button on a discreet remote control.

In the privacy of a bedroom this remote controlled vibrating butt plug is fantastic. Although the vibrations are more the top end kind than the deep and rumbly kind, they still turn me on and can give me full body anal orgasms. My nerve endings there are obviously different to those in my clit, where I prefer deep, powerful and rumbly vibrations. It’s not so top end that it’s an angry wasp, it’s more like a quality bullet vibrator style vibration. The remote control functionality lends itself perfectly to both masturbation and to the plug being a bonus feature during couples sex, whether PIV or gay sex, where one guy could wear this plug while penetrating the other, either one in control of the vibrations. Obviously it could be also enjoyed during lesbian sex. There are just so many possibilities for play.

Being a part of the BDSM scene, I turned my thoughts to kinky uses for the Nexus Ace butt plug. Unfortunately I feel that the remote control clicks and the vibrations of the plug (even when inside a person) are too loud for completely discreet use in public, say in a shop or during a meal at a restaurant. It would lend a humorous angle to BDSM play sessions in a private setting though, either consensually between a D/s couple at a club, in a dungeon or any other discreet and private location for a Domination/submission scene.

Nexus Ace is enjoyable and versatile in use and easy to clean afterwards. It’s completely waterproof so can be submerged when cleaning (always useful especially with anal sex toys) as well as enjoyed in the bath or shower. Take care though as the remote control is not waterproof – don’t drop it in the bath!




The Nexus Ace remote controlled butt plug is a new twist on a traditional sex toy. It’s made from a body safe, non-porous material, is rechargeable with a decent magnetic USB charger, has a wireless remote control, is waterproof, powerful enough to give me anal orgasms, easy to operate and control and is the right size to present a challenge without being intimidating.

Improvements I’d like to see in future versions are a quieter-click remote control with upgraded battery housing as well as the remote being waterproof. The vibrations on the plug itself could also do with being a LOT quieter if this plug could also be open to public play possibilities.

There’s no storage pouch provided with the Nexus Ace butt plug either, and as it’s a silicone sex toy I feel this should be part and parcel of the box contents.

Even with these suggestions for improvement in mind, the Nexus Ace butt plug is a solid product which adds a dimension of naughty fun to both my masturbation and shared sexual activities. I really enjoy using it and it’s in the ‘Successful Sex Toys’ drawer by the bed. Win!

Buy Links

Does this sound like the kinda sex toy that’s right up your alley? You can buy the Nexus Ace Remote Control Butt Plug here at Nexus Range for £60.




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