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This fascinating, beautiful and unusual necklace was sent to me as an early birthday present by my friends over at La Boudoir Boutique. Made by Metal Man Jewellery, this necklace was custom made according to my personal tastes and there isn’t another like it in the world. As if La Boudoir Boutique hadn’t already made me feel special enough! Thank you.

What’s even more alluring about the designs from Metal Man Jewellery is that the pieces are made from reclaimed parts of metal and industrial offcuts. This eco-friendly way of reusing and recycling scrap metal is sure to appeal to anyone who has an interest in environmental issues – which should be everyone, really.

As you can see the necklace I have fastens with ribbon ties in my favourite colours: black and red. There’s a gothic looking cross to the front as well as other metal nuts and bolts to finish the look.

The ends of the ribbons are finished with lightweight metal balls to seal them and prevent the fraying that would probably occur otherwise.

As soon as I received this necklace I put it on and wore it til bedtime. I went shopping in it and out for dinner – and it inspired a lot of curious and envious glances, as well as many longer looks over this unique artisan piece too.

I love this necklace and it’s a real feature piece in my collection. You will be able to view more from this intriguing jewellery range if you’re at The Boiler Room opening in September.

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Interested in finding out more about Metal Man Jewellery? Here’s what the people behind the company have to say about their business and what they do.

Metal Man Jewellery

Metal Man Jewellery are a husband and wife team, Tony and Donna, and it all started around 2 ½ years ago.

Tony’s background has always been creative in a sense, from a short spell of tattooing, to landscape gardening and all manner of things in-between.  Donna had spent most of her career in finance, although took art as a chosen subject at school.

Tony’s always liked chunky jewellery, became fed up with seeing the same ol’, same ol’ in each and every jewellery store he went to, and finding nothing to his taste.  One day in a hardware store, he had a brainwave, and being a practical type all his life, thought he’d make himself a necklace from stainless steel hex nuts.  Made it, wore it, a guy asked where he’d bought it from, so he made another and sold it to him, then someone else.

Donna had taken early retirement and was looking for something to do, so… why not join him?

The rest is history.

We only use stainless steel, due to the number of people who are allergic to other metals and also to as the jewellery won’t tarnish or rust.  If it needs cleaning at all, soap and water does the trick.   The majority of our jewellery is made from industrial hardware, but we’re always on the lookout for parts we can add to it.  Levels, wire clamps, bow shackles, to name just a few.

Our jewellery ranges from big and beefy, to really quite girly, but we can fit almost any piece to anyone, as some men like delicate, while some girls like, in your face, chunky!

We have been commissioned to make special designs for customers and are open to discussing the possibilities and practicalities of their requirements.

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