Review: Lumunu Deluxe Aluminium Crystal Butt Plug (Red)

3 out of 10

Lumunu Butt Plug - CS-6

Lumunu recently sent me a few of their sex toys to test out, free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I was able to select the items, so I chose the Lumunu Glass Dildo, Lumunu Deluxe Aluminium Butt Plug (Red) and Lumunu Rechargeable Cordless Wand Vibrator.

The items all arrived very safely packed, professionally and discreetly. Thanks Lumunu!

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Today I’ll be sharing my experiences with and opinions of the Lumunu Deluxe Aluminium Crystal Butt Plug (Red).

This butt plug comes in packaging consistent with the Lumunu range. This is a white glossy card box with the Lumunu logo and details about the product then the entire thing shrink wrapped in plastic. This adds a very reassuring hygienic feel when you receive your products.

Removing the shrink wrap and opening the box I was greeted with a black velvet storage pouch with drawstring top and the Lumunu logo on it. I thought the butt plug hadn’t come out yet because I didn’t feel a heavy weight hit my hand, until I realised it actually was in my hand along with the storage pouch. It’s such a dinky butt plug that I immediately and spontaneously let out a squeal to my empty office of, “Oh! How are adorable are you?” Yeah, I talk to my sex toys now.

Lumunu Butt Plug - CS-3

In case you retained any concerns about hygiene levels this butt plug was also shrink wrapped in plastic, so you can rest assured that it’s been kept new and clean since manufacture, transit and delivery to your door.

The plug is tiny. I even tweeted some of my fellow sex toy bloggers about it who had also received some Lumunu sex toys to review.

The general consensus was that this is indeed a tiny butt plug, as you can see for yourself in this photo.

Lumunu Butt Plug - CS-9

Removing the shrink wrap from the butt plug I measured it up. The Lumunu Deluxe Aluminium Butt Plug measures in at an overall length is 3.25 inches with an insertable length of 2.5 inches. The maximum circumference of the penetrative aspect is 3.6 inches.

As you can probably imagine, this is one of the smallest butt plugs I own. In fact thinking through my collection – this is the smallest anal sex toy that my partner and I own. Not including anal beads – going on plug size, not penetrative length. I was actually asked whether this is in fact a penis plug instead of a butt plug! If you’re new to anal sex toys then this would seem to be a great starting point. The colour is especially perfect for me as I love red.

The aluminium metal of this plug has a matte, not a shiny finish, which was great for photographs. It’s an absolute nightmare trying to photograph very reflective shiny sex toys. There is also a very pretty sparkly jewelled end to this plug which will appeal to those of you who like their sex toys pretty as well as practical in design.

Lumunu Butt Plug - CS-7

The Lumunu Deluxe Aluminium Butt Plug follows the traditional shape and style of butt plug which is tried and tested and generally works. There’s a bulbous plug area which starts with a rounded tapered tip, this widens out gradually to the widest point in the centre of the bulbous area then narrows to the slender neck before finishing with the wide base which makes it safe for inserting and using anally… well that was what I thought, anyway.

It turns out that when you look directly up the butt plug, getting down at eye level to it, looking down from the front bulbous end, the base of the plug isn’t wider than the widest point of the plug’s insertable area. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem with larger butt plugs because it would be so difficult to get the anal entrance over the maximum circumference of the plug itself, so you’re hardly likely to swallow that circumference easily a second time with a flared base.

Lumunu Butt Plug - CS-5

However with a plug as diminutive as this I was genuinely worried that during use my arse would swallow up this plug entirely – and it’s not like I have a Dyson arse. It does not suck up absolutely anything in the near vicinity. I am not an anal reaming fetishist nor do I have a kink for anal gaping.  I simply use anal sex toys for the fun of it. After anal sex I am stretched but sore, the same experience as many anal sex loving men and women. My internal organs are in no point in danger of falling out of my backside at any time. Therefore I hope you will believe me when I say this does feel like a very teeny butt plug indeed.

The genuine worry I had about the flat base going up inside my bottom as well as the insertable part of the plug (especially when using lube, as you should do when using anal sex toys or having anal sex) didn’t make for an entirely comfortable and relaxing masturbation session. I want to be able to let go and relax during masturbation, with complete peace of mind about the safety of my sex toys. For this reason, I feel I can’t give my full support or recommendation to this but plug as suitable for use as an anal sex toy whether for beginners or advanced anal adventurers.

I must say that I think it is admirable that Lumunu have tried to provide a sex toy which would help bridge the gap (so to speak) between other forms of sexual stimulation and the often avoided anal territory. But please, Lumunu, revisit this sex toy and give it a wider base and only then will it be deemed safe to use anally. Any products you use anally should have a base wide enough so that it is not in danger of being enveloped by your arse.

If you would like to know more about this product or purchase it for yourself, you can buy the Lumunu Deluxe Aluminium Butt Plug here for Euro 29.99 which at today’s rates converts to approximately £22.50.



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