Review: Kawaii Kinks Hand Crafted Fetish Flogger in Red & Black

9 out of 10

Kawaii Kinks Hand Crafted Flogger

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Kawaii Kinks Hand Made Crafted Flogger

This beautiful hand crafted flogger was sent to me by the wonderful Violet Hall, who also works at Adult Toys UK and of course the brand new La Boudoir Boutique.

Aside from her very busy day job at parent company Select E, Violet makes these gorgeous fetish floggers which are sold through her Etsy shop, Kawaii Kinks. You can buy them in various styles, apart from the colours in the pictures shown I am sure you can select the colour theme that fits your kinks, your collection and your personality. You can also find out more about making your own DIY fetish flogger over at Violet’s blog post on the subject here.

It is very refreshing to see bondage sex toys and fetish floggers available in colours other than the traditional black or black and red. Sissy girls and age play enthusiasts or daddy’s little girls will particularly love the My Little Pony inspired candy colour floggers, with rainbow streamer feel fronds. There are virginal white satin and lace floggers which could make a fantastic collaring ceremony gift, handfasting present for the kinky or a wedding gift for that romantic yet still quite kinky pair.

The floggers are priced at a very reasonable £15 each.

Having said all that about the colours available, I do have a penchant for black and red, as you may be able to tell. Therefore I requested my flogger in these colours, as it suits my personality as well as the rest of my bondage and BDSM collection of equipment and sex toys.

Upon receiving the flogger I was very impressed and not just with the finish of this handmade item. The flogger is seriously beautiful, a feminine piece with serious overtones – perfect for a Mistress like me who also prides herself on retaining a girly, feminine edge.

As well as suede fronds, some of the tails are beaded to give a variation, as well as a surprising sting during use. The metal feeling tube which forms the handle has been overlaid many times with quality lace, then finished with a bow and more decorations. The lace edging and handle really appeals to my inner trad goth.

I have used this flogger quite a few times and despite the delicate lace frills it has withstood my unapologetically harsh use. I am very impressed! You can tell this is a hand made item but I believe this just adds immeasurably to the appeal.

I would urge you to snap up one of these unique floggers while you have the chance as surely this low price can’t last for long. The specific dimensions of your flogger may vary as obviously this is a hand crafted item. it even has a cute lace handle so you can hang it on the bed post or on the back of the bedroom door between uses.

Choose your own colours and buy your kinky lace and bead Kawaii Kinks Flogger here for just £15.

Quick Review:

Name: Kawaii Kinks Flogger
Fronds: 20 red suede, 20 black suede, 7 beaded tails
Measurements: Overall length 15.5 inches, Handle length 6.5inches, Fronds length 9 inches



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      I’m sorry, I don’t know where it can be found now. The lady who makes them has gone into a different line of work I think.

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