Review: ID Glide Water Based Sex Lubricant 80ml

4 out of 10
ID Glide

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ID Glide Water Based Lube

I have personally used ID Glide lube for a long while now with no complaints. It does what it says on the label.

My preference years ago was always the range of Durex lubricants, but then was involved with a sex toys company that mostly stocked the ID range. These days I do prefer Give Lube, as my favourite sex lubricant.

This 80ml bottle of ID Glide water based lubricant was given to my reviewing assistant, minnie, to try out and give me some feedback, as I noticed I hadn’t reviewed it yet at Cara Sutra

I hope you find his comments (below) helpful.

ID Glide Water Based Lube

Recently I was asked to try out a sample of the well known ID Glide lube.

The blurb on their website says:

“Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, ID Glide is a water based lubricant designed to enhance the pleasure and comfort of those most intimate moments. If you want a natural feeling lubricant for use with your partner, with toys or by yourself ID Glide ticks all the boxes. It provides that extra glide and slide that people need for smooth intercourse and more enjoyable foreplay. It is also a non sticky, non staining sensually slippery lubricant which not only has a beautifully silk smooth feel but is extra long lasting & can be reactivated with a quick lick or spritz of water.”

Having read that I was ready to try it out with my trusty butt plug.

The flip top squeeze bottle was easy to use though I did find the lube rather runny in consistency and it did form globules on the silicone plug rather than forming an even layer.

Undaunted I slid the plug in with customary ease.

Being water based it washed off easily with warm soapy water from my hands and the plug.

I must admit that I do prefer my usual vaseline based lube for my butt plugs.

The ID Glide range is available from a variety of online sites so it’s easily and discreetly available.

ID Glide Water Based Sex Lubricant


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