Review: Fun Factory B Balls Silicone Weighted Butt Plug / Anal Beads

7 out of 10

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Thanks to the lovely team at Fun Factory, I recently received a beautiful bundle of sex toys free of charge in exchange testing them and writing up reviews here at Cara Sutra. I received the brand new Sharevibe in bright pink, the B Balls anal toy in purple and the Boss Stub dildo in black. I also received some samples of their sex lube, Toy Fluid. Today I’m going to be taking you through my thoughts and experiences with the Fun Factory B Balls anal probe.

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Let me begin by assuring you that delivery from Fun Factory was fast, professional and discreet, as you’d expect from a proven adult products company. All my contact with Fun Factory has been met with a courteous and helpful attitude that is very much appreciated.

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All the Fun Factory sex toys I’ve tried and tested come in immediately recognisable packaging. There’s a glossy outer card box which is colourful and bright, over an inner gold colour box which houses the specific sex toy. Each toy comes with a little instruction leaflet which also contains details about other relevant products from the Fun Factory range.

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The Fun Factory B Balls I have are purple in colour with slashes of white to denote where the ‘balls’ are on the product. You can also opt for black with pink slashes. There’s a short slim neck before the flared base which shows this is an anal use sex toy.

There is a weight inside each of the ‘balls’ which you can feel moving and jiggling as you move the B Balls around. I was hoping this would increase the stimulation felt from them once they were safely inside me.

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As the material of the B Balls is mostly silicone (aside from the ABS plastic white slashes) they’re compatible with water based lubricant only. You can use a hybrid lube safe for use with silicone sex toys if you prefer. Water based lube is great for me personally as it dissipates over time but still provides that necessary initial glide. You do need to use lube with anal sex toys & during anal sex as this area of the body does not produce it’s own natural lubricant. Some Fun Factory toy lubricant was included with the B Balls.

In my opinion the Fun Factory B Balls would be suitable for both beginners to anal play and those who are more experienced. For complete beginner, being relaxed and most probably stimulating other areas sexually will help with the insertion of the B Balls.

It’s a shame that no storage pouch was provided for the B Balls because it does make it difficult to store them safely. You’re not supposed to store silicone products directly next to each other because the material on both can deteriorate.

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The Fun Factory B Balls measure 5 inches in overall length, with the largest ball 4.75 in max circumference and the smaller ball 4.1 inches in max circumference. The insertable length is 4.5 inches and the base measures 2.25 inches by one inch.

During use, the Fun Factory B Balls were easy to insert especially with the aid of lubrication. I didn’t find that the white plastic flashes on the sides helped to give any additional stimulation, they seem to be for purely aesthetic reasons. The purple silicone surround is not separate to the white plastic areas, they are moulded together. It’s not like two white balls in a purple silicone harness, like the LELO Luna balls (those are vaginal love balls not anal); the B Balls are definitely one outer coating over the inner free-rolling parts.

The free-rolling weights inside the balls are meant to add stimulation for the wearer. In reality I found that I could barely sense any movement when I had them inside. I don’t think I have a numb bum either, it’s just that because my body enveloped the B Balls there wasn’t a lot of jiggling of them to be done. That’s not to say there was no movement felt from them, it was just so slight that it didn’t really add to my pleasure. This is a real shame as I had been looking forward to a different sensation from these than from my other anal sex toys. When wearing them during sex the jiggle-motion is increased but it was more of a tickle than a sense of being filled or thrusted into which is my preference for anal stimulation during sex or masturbation.

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Another issue I noted during my use of the Fun Factory B Balls is that the base is really quite small for the size of the product. I would have preferred for it to be larger so that I had complete peace of mind that it wasn’t about to slip inside as well, especially given the fact that you need to use lube with this toy so everything’s quite slippery. I do understand that the discreet base makes it possible to sit with the B Balls in and wear them underneath underwear and clothing but for safety it really should be a little bigger in my opinion.

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In summary this is an enjoyable and fulfilling anal sex toy but it didn’t provide the extra stimulation from the internal movement that it promised. The white plastic areas add to the look, but not so much to the stimulating, practical aspects of the sex toy. The main silicone material is smooth and warms to body temperature quickly, and as a waterproof sex toy you can use it in the bath or shower as well as wash it thoroughly between uses without worry. You can also slip a condom over the whole thing before using it if you don’t want any nasty smells to linger on it even after cleaning. The base needs to be larger in my opinion, for safety to be assured.

I’m giving the B Balls 7 out of 10 as they didn’t wow me, but they didn’t particularly do anything wrong either. They’re still fun and pleasurable to use and something a little different to the standard butt plug.

You can buy the Fun Factory B Balls here for Euro 29.50 which at today’s rates converts to approximately £22.


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