Review: Fifty and Dean Silicone Lubricant 80ml

8 out of 10

Fifty and Dean SIlicone Lubricant 80ml

Fifty and Dean Silicone Lubricant 80ml

Fifty and Dean is a store in Soho, aimed at the gay sex market. Their lubricant is sold online by Simply Pleasure. I was sent this Fifty & Dean Silicone Lubricant to test and review, because despite not being completely gay (sorry) I do use lubricant and like getting slippery.

Who doesn’t, right?!

This bottle is in a pump dispenser style, and holds 80ml of silicone base lube. The label is clearly marked with the Fifty and Dean brand logo, as well as giving directions for use, company info and the ingredients.
Only three ingredients, no sugars as far as I can see: Dimethicone, cyclomethicone and dimethiconol.

There is a little plastic cap that you remove to reveal the pump dispenser. When you depress this, you release a small amount of the lube into your palm.

The lube itself I found to be more runny than a gel. It is also very deceptive – you really only need one squeeze of lube for a whole lot of slipperiness.
The slipperiness just lasts and lasts! I needed a lot of soap with hot water afterwards to remove the silicone lube feeling. It feels almost greasy after use but if you’re a fan of anal sex or use non-silicone anal toys, then this lube will ease the way for you.

Top tip: silicone lube also makes a great shining gel for your hair! Save money on Frizz-Ease.

This lube is fantastic if you want a no fuss silicone lubricant for anal sex or pleasure – the only things I would mark down for are the fact you really need two hands to dispense, as well as the incredibly greasy feel afterwards.

Fancy giving it a go? Fifty and Dean Silicone Lubricant is only £4.95 for 80ml from Simply Pleasure here.

Fifty and Dean SIlicone Lubricant 80ml

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