Review: Electrastim The Controller EM48-E Remote Control Electrosex Kit

10 out of 10

Electrastim The Controller electro sex kit

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The lovely Hella and Andy from Electrastim recently sent a bundle of their electrosex toys for minnie and I to review. I’ve let minnie tell his feedback for this Controller Set as well as the brand new Silicone Noir Nona Prostate Dildo (review here – main page at Electrastim here) as he’s the one on the receiving end, as it were!

We also received the Electrastim Solid Metal Scrotal Ring / Cock Ring to play with.

This is an incredibly fun item, I love the fact I can remotely zap him wherever we are. Stick the pads on or the plug in – and then behave or else!

All items were packed safely and discreetly, in fact the package sticker marked with “electronic accessory” made me laugh – if only the postman knew! As usual, the electrastim sex toys and accessories were great quality and you know you’ve received a well made, trustworthy item no matter which parts of the range you personally choose.

On with the review. You can buy the Electrastim The Controller Remote Control Electrosex Kit here from electrastim for £249.

– Cara Sutra

The Controller Kit by Electrastim Review

I have been asked to review the ElectraStim EM48 controller and their Nona prostate massager from their Silicone Noir range.

The EM48 controller allows for remote control so your fate can be deliciously in someone else’s hands! It consists of the transmitter unit and the receiver unit.

They both are kept in a robust, discreet plastic storage case together with the connecting wires and some spare stick on electro pads. A soft leather case is included to house the receiver unit, should you have to be controlled while out and about.

The instruction book makes no bones about being intended for use by Dominants and subs and includes a couple of suggestions for role play.

The transmitter controls all the functions from the 7 different simulation modes to the 18 intensity levels!

The receiver unit is worn or held by the sub with a variety of attachments available. In my case it was the Nona prostate massager although there is a wide range of accessories available. This is quite a modest affair, about the size of a small butt plug or massager. The difference being of course that it has 2 electrodes built into it.

I have to confess here that for decades I have had an aversion and distrust of all things to do with electro. This stems from an horrendous experience when I was much, much younger. So I was highly dubious about even testing this, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The transmitter unit is about the size of a packet of cigarettes, the receiver unit a little larger. Both have LED’s to confirm various functions and that they are in communication with each other. The transmitter controls all the different stimulation and intensity settings and is easy to operate with a single button to scroll through the stimulation settings and a pair of +/- buttons for the intensity level. There is also a fiendish ‘zap’ button which will increase the intensity to by 4 levels for 2 seconds before resuming the previous setting! What a great way for the Domme to get the sub’s attention!

Using the EM48 controller with the Nona prostate massager was simple and enjoyable. The massager or other attachment simply plugs into the receiver unit and off you go.

I then gingerly turned on both the receiver and transmitter units. Various led’s on each confirm they are on and in communication with each other. The transmitter will always start up on the lowest intensity setting which can then slowly be increased. As I was on my own I had both units and slowly upped the intensity and scrolled through the stimulation settings. The transmitter is easy to operate and each unit beeps every time a setting is changed.

The fiendish ‘zap’ button was fun to try and not at all scary – I loved it!

So, marks out of 10? For just curing me of my fear of electric play it has to be 10. For fun, enjoyment and Domme/sub play 8/10. The sensations were never startling, so if used in public the sub wouldn’t be startled by a sudden change in setting by his Domme.

A minor niggle, the storage case has a small screwdriver to fit the battery to the receiver but it’s too small to fit the screw!

The EM48 is available for around £250.

– minnie



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