Review: ElectraStim Electro Sex Spanking Paddle


ElectraStim Paddle Review

Electrastim Paddle Review

I received the ElectraStim Paddle along with the ElectraStim EM-60 E Flick control unit pack, and the ElectraStim electrosex Conductive Gel. These items were sent free of charge by ElectraStim in exchange for a fair and honest review.

At first glance, the ElectraStim Paddle looks just like any other Fetish/BDSM spanking paddle. One side has a plain black, leather feel spanking area, the other has three metal, riveted on sections. The handle is decorated with matching, silver metallic rivets to either side and the handle is finished with a small metal D ring on a leather loop. A handle of your own could easily be attached to this, or a loop or some kind, to enable you to hang it up somewhere if you wished.

The ElectraStim Paddle is 13 inches in length, with a spanking area width of 3 inches. The thickness of the paddle is approximately 0.2 inches. The paddle is well made, stitched together to a good quality finish and feels robust and durable.

In the very end of the handle you will notice two small circular jackpin sockets. It is through these that you turn this paddle from ordinary spanking implement (if there is such a thing) into a sensational, tingling, electrosex piece of equipment.

You need an electrosex unit in order to do this, with 2mm jackpin output leads from your main unit. As I have the ElectraStim EM-60 E Flick control unit pack, I was all set and ready to go. Instead of connecting the leads to the electrodes in that pack, I simply plugged them into the two ports in the handle of this paddle instead.

You also need to use electrosex conductive gel when you use electrosex toys. I have the ElectraStim Conductive Gel, but you can use any conductive gel designed for this purpose. This protects your skin at the same time as enabling a greater conductivity between the sensations and your nerve endings. Remember, don’t use electro sex toys if you have heart problems.

Once I was coated in Conductive Gel it was time to give this paddle its first outing. I tried it out on the thickest part of my behind, just in case! I wanted to get a feel for it before having someone else use it on me, and definitely before using it on someone else.

As with the electrodes with the main unit as mentioned in my ElectraStim EM-60 E Flick review, I could barely feel the tingling on the first level but on the second half of level two I could definitely feel the tingle as I placed the side of the paddle with the metal areas against my skin. As this control unit has the motion activated ‘Flick’ setting, it makes the motion of spanking even more fun!

It’s quite simple to use, hold your electrosex unit in one hand and wield the paddle with the other. I would advise always testing the strength when you first begin on your own flesh first and obviously do not start at a high level with someone else (or yourself). Take this very slowly and be safe.

As the internal wiring is connected to the metal strips on the paddle spanking area, you don’t feel any zapping through the rivets on the handle.

There is opportunity for mindfucks with this paddle too. As the other side of the paddle is plain black leather feel material, you could alternate between the plain side and the electro side, not letting them know which side is coming next. Combine with a blindfold and bondage restraints to really ramp up the thrills.

This electrosex paddle is a great idea and really adds something new and exciting to kinky foreplay and fetish play sessions. We’ve used it many times now with much success – and I’m having to stop others from stealing it away from me!

Another tip is not to use this as a hard spanking implement, you won’t get the best sensation from the electro tingles. Use as a sensation item, as you would a tickler or tactile item for teasing. of course, if you wish to include some spanking, you can use the other side of the paddle, but the side with the metal strips is best suited to its main purpose, delivering electric tingles to the flesh at a level which is suitable for the person. That may be a gentle tingle or an almighty zap, depending on whether the session is loving and intimate or a full on BDSM sadism/masochism party.

The ElectraStim Paddle is available at the ElectraStim main site, where you can also find the relevant control units, conductive gel and other sundries.

– Cara Sutra


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