Review: Demonia Crypto 106 Knee High Goth Boots

9 out of 10

Demonia Crypto 106 gothic punk industrial boots photo

I love wearing sexy boots. There’s something powerful and confidence asserting about wearing knee or thigh high black boots and they definitely draw attention from all quarters. More of a heel wearer than a flat, heavy boot fan, I was attracted to the Demonia range of heeled boots when I first saw them online.


Voluptasse is known first and foremost for selling sex toys and lingerie, including mastectomy and trans-person lingerie most recently. This well stocked online sex shop also sells sexy heels and boots, amongst the catalogue are these sexy knee-hghs from the Demonia range. The Demonia Crypto Boots 106.

I’m a UK size 7 which equates to a US 10. Don’t believe sites which tell you a UK 7 is a US 9; I’ve been down that road and it’s an uncomfortable, stumbling path full of cramped toes and rubbed raw heels.

First Impressions & Packaging

Demonia Crypto 106 gothic punk industrial boots photo

The Demonia Crypto Boots come in a lidded, branded shoe box which looks attractive enough to sit in your bedroom declaring your love of good shoes. The side shows the style and size contained inside.

Lifting the lid I was greeted with the usual mass of tissue and card which protected the boots from manufacture through transit to my door. Eventually I discovered the boots inside separate plastic bags and the toes stuffed with tissue to keep their shape.

The boots are breathtaking, especially for a lover of black and red. The black leather feel material is contrasted by side panels of black lace over red, while the black ribbon tied into bows on each side adds a pretty, Lolita Goth feel.

Fastenings & Fit

Demonia Crypto 106 gothic punk industrial boots photo

The bows on the sides of the boots are already tied, they don’t need undoing and retying each time you wear them. Likewise, the buckles down the front panels are for decoration and not part of how you fasten the boots to wear. To wear the boots I just have to undo the zip on the inside of the leg, put the boot on and do up the zip.

I have wider calves than most but not wide enough for ‘wide fit’ boots, so these boots are a tight fit on my legs. If you have no problem with knee high boots then these aren’t any narrower or wider than those.

The boots come up to just below knee level on me; I’m 5’7. Obviously the height of them will depend on your particular body size.


Demonia Crypto 106 gothic punk industrial boots photo

The Demonia Crypto Boots are comfortable for me to wear, although some breaking in was required. They were quite stiff at first but after wearing them out a few times they are much more flexible and comfortable.

I have to be careful I don’t catch the side bows on a bag or other when I cross my legs, or on anything I’m sat too close to, but other than that I don’t have any issues.


Demonia Crypto 106 gothic punk industrial boots photo

The heels are fairly blocky, not stiletto type. They’re high enough so I can feel the muscle tone of my calves and I feel I’m in heels, but they’re not too high so my foot arch is overly stretched. The heels are well attached to the soles and I don’t feel they’re at risk of coming off through normal wear or on a night out.


Demonia Crypto 106 gothic punk industrial boots photo

A gorgeous pair of boots which any lover of black & red will adore, as well as those into gothic wear, particularly Lolita Goths for the lace/bows. You know you’re getting quality with a name like Demonia, and these boots are certainly easy to wear and comfortable. More pretty than scary, they have a wide appeal and could be worn with leggings or dresses to make them an even more versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Buy Link

If you’d like to add these gorgeous boots to your collection, buy the Demonia Crypto Boots 106 here at Voluptasse for £89.99.


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