Give Lube Cheeky Wash and Expandable Cheeky Wipes Review

10 out of 10

Give Lube Cheeky Wash and Expandable Cheeky Wipes Review

The Give Lube Cheeky Wash and Expandable Cheeky Wipes are great fun to use and a clever idea too. They’re also BRAND NEW to the market! The bottle of Cheeky Wash contains 65ml of body safe, alcohol free, unfragranced and antibacterial wash, which is also pH balanced and parabens free. It can be used with the pack of four Cheeky Wash expandable wipes to provide an intimate or sex toy cleaning solution no matter when or where you are. You can find more sex essentials here, too.

The packaging is very carefully non-erotic, so there are no sexual references at all. This makes both the Cheeky Wash and wipes safe to store wherever you like, from in the kitchen cupboard, to the glove compartment or just on the bathroom shelf or bedside table. It doesn’t even matter if a pack of the wipes fall out of your handbag or if they’re spotted in your suitcase. The bottle contains 65ml so you could even take it with you on travels in hand luggage! As long as you put it into one of those transparent bags.

Give Lube Cheeky Wash and Expandable Cheeky Wipes Review

Just flip up the lid of the Cheeky Wash once you have one of the expandable wipes ready. The wipes, before expansion, look somewhat like a mint – but don’t eat them! Don’t swallow the wash either.

Squeeze a few drops of the wash on to a wipe ‘tablet’ and you will see it start to foam and expand. Don’t saturate the wipe ‘tablet’ as I did the first time – it ends up too soaked which isn’t necessary. Turn it over and put some more drops on the other side. After a few moments, test it out and make sure the wash is absorbed. If required, add more wash. The wipe will eventually be able to be unfurled in your palm, to give you a large wipe which can be used as you wish.

It’s more than a wet wipe, it’s more a strong, soapy cloth which will give you a cleansing experience which is more thorough than after using a normal wipe or tissues.

The wipes, with the Cheeky Wash liquid, are safe to use intimately, so they’re great for after sex, masturbation or to clean your sex toys. You can also use the wash on its own, if you wish, but I prefer using it with the wipes. The wipes are made from 100% natural rayon, are reusable (if you find you’ve moistened one by accident) and chemical free.

I’ve done a very wobbly home video, apologies for the quality! But hopefully it shows how they work a little more clearly than just explaining in words.

Cheeky Wash ingredients Aqua, propylene glycol, lauramine oxide, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, phenoxyethanol, benzalkonium chloride, alkene glycol, tetrasodium diaceticglutamate and citric acid.

The Cheeky Wash and wipes are made in the UK too, so you’re supporting local companies.

I love them!

The Cheeky Wash will retail at £4.99, while the pack of four wipes will cost £1.49. Pretty standard prices and well worth it.

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– Cara Sutra

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