Review: Billy Boy Water Based Gel Lubricant

6 out of 10
Billy Boy

Billy Boy Water Based Gel Lubricant

Billy Boy Condoms recently sent another lovely package of sexy treats for me, following on from the first lot which you can have a peek at here. This second parcel comprised of a Billy Boy bath towel (they must know I practically live in the bathroom), a Billy Boy energy drink (how novel!), Billy Boy Endurance Condoms, a pack of Billy Boy Fun Selection condoms, another disposable cock ring and some Billy Boy Water Based Gel Lube.

I’m going to review the lubricant here, I have both a sachet and the 80ml container. The sachet is going in my big box of sexy prizes for an upcoming giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Billy Boy Water Based Gel Lube comes in a branded container within a sealed retail pack. It boasts the usual fun design that is now Billy Boy’s trademark. A very friendly penis adorns the products with a warm smile and arms open in a welcoming embrace. Hey, I didn’t say it was realistic, just fun.

The little instruction pamphlet included is all in German, but hey – it’s lube, you know what to do.

This lubricant canister has a frosted plastic lid and when you pop this cap off, you reveal the easy dispense, pump top which allows you to easily get a splash of lube, even one handed if required. An important point, as anyone who has needed lube at a critical moment and had to grapple by the side of the bed with a slippery tube or difficult to open bottle will know.

The majority of the spiel on the back of the lubricant bottle (sorry, Gleitgel) is in German, however the ingredients are in English so you can easily tell what’s in your new lube.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Perfume.

 There are a few ingredients in this lube formula that may put some of you off – glycerin is a sugar therefore could potentially lead to internal irritations when used inside the vagina. It is also perfumed, another possible irritant.

I did do eine kleine deutsche at school, so I could work out from the rest of the label that this lubricant is suitable for massage, dermatologically tested as well as compatible with latex products and condoms. The website states that as it is dermatologically tested it is suitable for ‘gynaecological use’ but as it contains glycerin I think you should use with caution if this has led to irritations in the past.

This bottle is from the April 2012 batch and states it expires in April 2015 – although the bottom of the label states that once opened, this lube has a shelf life of 3 months, which doesn’t seem all that long. Especially when you have a shed load of lubes to get through, like I do.

All of this aside, this lubricant is slippery, which I guess is the main thing. It is washable and doesn’t stain. It smells like peaches which if you love the peach scent, is great! However, not so great if you don’t. My partner did have more than his fair share of amusement telling me “suck my peachy penis!”

Possibly TMI, there.

Note: it does not taste like peaches.

It is a gel lube, so it comes out more in a dollop than a drizzle. Technical terms. It would be absolutely perfect for anal sex and butt plugs.

It is unfortunate that the ingredients contain a sugar and perfume, but personally I still use it intimately anyway – I don’t seem to have a problem with sensitivity like others do. Perhaps I have a lead-lined vagina, who knows.

For men, this would be a fantastic lubricant, the packaging will appeal to the male market and can be purchased along with your condoms. If you happen to be using it with a female partner you might want to let her know about the ingredients, if saying, “oh darling, I should warn you that this water based lubricant, although compatible with condoms and latex, does include glycerin and perfume…” won’t be too much of a mood killer.

This bottle of 80ml costs £5.99 which is pretty cheap, really. You’d only need this bottle to see you through 3 months if you use a splash (well, more like a blob) each time and aren’t some sort of 24/7 nymphomaniac.

I wouldn’t purchase this lube myself, due to the short shelf life, the fact my partner doesn’t like the peach scent and the sugar in the ingredients. It’s going in my ‘anal stuff’ box. However, if you wish to give it a go, you can get your bottle here.

Please note that this product was not flame tested. *winks*

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