Review: Bad Dragon Cum Lube

8 out of 10

Bad Dragon Cum Lube

Sounds… dirty, right? Well, it’s as dirty as you want to make it.

This viscous, semi opaque white tinted lubricant is perfect for adding that realistic climax to your sex sessions, whether alone with a Bad Dragon sex toy (ideally with a cum tube that you can shoot this up through) or with a partner to do that for you and maybe even add their own messy fun to the mix.

Can you tell the difference between real cum and the cum lube?


I received my Bad Dragon Cum Lube with my new David the Werewolf dildo, which I have reviewed here. As I ordered a toy with a cum tube, I received this bottle of Cum Lube absolutely free. Bargain!

The Cum Lube bottle is nicely designed, with both the Bad Dragon logo and dragon style imagery evocative of the whole site on the label around the bottle.

The bottle also gives details of the amount included (250ml/8 fl oz), ingredients (it’s a water based lubricant with other body safe materials too) and a short description:

“Looks and feels like real cum! Long Lasting – Fragrance Free – Silicone Safe

Bad Dragon Cum Lube is a white tinted, viscous lube designed to replicate real cum, only much stickier and easier to obtain in quantity!

Use as part of your regular play for a fun twist, or use with an ejaculating toy to enhance the experience.”

There is a warning that it is not intended for human consumption, so refrain from any furry style blow job replication, please!

It’s also “not a contraceptive.” I never thought a lubricant would be, personally, but there we are.

The lubricant dispenses simply, by pressing down one side of the lid it flips 45 degrees and you can squeeze out the required amount. Just click back down to close. Easy and means you can use this lube without the bottle getting sticky, slippery and messy.

The Cum Lube smells… well, slightly like PVA glue but not strongly. There isn’t really a smell to it. it just smells of lube, if that is a smell in its own right.

Even though the Cum Lube is not for consumption (or rather, human consumption, to be precise; still, don’t feed this to your dog, please) – I still dabbed my tongue in it, like any good reviewer would. Yeah ok, I was never to be trusted in a chemistry lab. Anyhoo, the lube isn’t bad to taste, not bitter, not pleasant either; just not really a lube for tasting.

The Bad Dragon Cum Lube is more slippery than sticky as they suggest, but this is a good thing. No-one wants lube like glue. It glides over skin (as lube should) and washes off easily with soap and water.

It does have the comical effect (just like cum!) or leaving little strings between your fingers, almost a tackiness, but still retaning the slipperiness and not being absorbed into your skin.

In summary this lube looks very much like cum, is safe to use externally and internally and adds a whole new dimension to kinky sexy time.

My advice is to get yourself a Bad Dragon dildo with a cum tube and try it out as soon as possible!

Or purchase on its own here from just $5 a bottle.

It’s fun, it’s different, it’s lube.


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