Review: Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel Personal Lubricant

5 out of 10

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This Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel is one of the newer products formulated by Astroglide, and comes in an easy to dispense and use flip cap tube. I was sent this product along with the Astroglide Premium Silicone X Lubricant free of charge, directly from Astroglide, for the purposes of a fair and honest review. Thank you!

Delivery was fast and the packaging was safe and discreet. I didn’t really understand the difference between the two products until I gave them a try – after all, silicone lube is silicone lube, right? Erm, nope.

The Astroglide Silicone Diamond Gel is much thicker than a standard silicone lube, hence the ‘gel’ part of its name. It doesn’t drip and this makes it fantastic to use with your non-silicone sex toys such as metal, glass, plastic etc. Don’t use silicone lubricants with silicone sex toys – you may damage the material.

As a thick lubricant I was also interested to try this silicone gel during anal sex. A lubricant which doesn’t drip and is easy to apply, in the right place, no matter the lighting levels (or whether you’re watching what you’re doing or not!) sounds ideal.

The lubricant is clear and doesn’t have any discernible scent. There’s no flavour to it either but this isn’t an edible or lickable lube so try to avoid getting it in your mouth.

Silicone lubricant isn’t my favourite. I usually opt for a water based lube as I find that this resolves my worries about whether I can use that certain sex toy during sex and or masturbation, and it is absorbed into the skin or evaporates during the heat of the session. This means I don’t have any or much lube residue on me, whereas with silicone lubes in the past I tend to feel that I have to get up and wash the residue off my skin (hands and rest of my body) straight after the session. Sometimes I start to feel uncomfortable during foreplay, sex or masturbation as I can feel the silicone lube like a slick or something sticky on my skin and I don’t like the sensation.

Unfortunately I felt the same with this Diamond Silicone Gel. Although at first I really tried to give it a fresh mindset and trial, experimenting by using it in different ways with sex toys and without, with my partner and alone, there’s too much residue left on me for it to be a comfortable lube that I’d go to regularly. It feels like a warm layer of something left on my skin, like a smeared on thick liquid that I don’t get on with.

It’s almost like a thicker gel-like consistency of Johnson’s baby oil which I can’t use for massage or during sexual activity either. It’s probably psychosomatic but it makes me almost itch and my skin crawl until I wash it off with soap and hot water.

During masturbation with sex toys I could tolerate this lubricant as I was totally in control of the session and when it ended, without any worries of upsetting my partner by leaping up straight after orgasm and washing the lube off. For use during foreplay and sex with him it was too uncomfortable for me. No bad feeling during use, no itching or rash or anything worrying for all who may use it; simply a matter of personal taste.

If you love silicone lubes and have dreamed of a thicker consistency to get your groove on with, then you may wish to try out the Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel and see what you think. The price is approximately £12 (taken from Amazon) and I will update with further buy links as and when available.

– Cara Sutra

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