RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug Review

10 out of 10

RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug Review

By Married2Sexy

April was a good month for the Sexy household.  The Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel provided us with two opportunities to explore pleasure.  This one was the shiniest one we have ever reviewed.  So, with great excitement, I waited for the arrival of the RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug.


The RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug is something that I have desired to view in Mrs. Sexy.  The thin cardboard box opened easily to reveal the stainless-steel butt plug, which is bedazzled with a blue sparkling jewel on the hilt.

To my surprise, the toy also came with a velvet bag to store the toy in, along with a sample of lubrication.  The toy is a small spade shaped design.  In fact, it is much smaller than I expected.  Not in a negative way from our perspective, since my desire is more in the glamour and elegance this will add to her, rather than the stimulation that can come from a bulkier, more filling toy.

Weighing in at 50 grams, the butt plug is just shy of 3 inches long from tip to jewel and 1 inch at its widest point.  Cleaning the RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug with soap and water, it was ready for showing off.

With it being her massage night, I was excited to use the toy after relaxing her with an anal massage.  Showing her the RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug, she commented on the coolness of the stainless-steel.  She also noted how shiny and weighty it was for its tiny size.

With her butt coming up in the massage rotation, I warmed the toy in a cup full of warm water.  After about five minutes the heat had transferred.  Being made from metal, I decided to use a silicone lube.  Plus, silicone lube will not cause damage to the stainless-steel.

Applying additional lube during the massage, I slowly slid the toy in and with a pop the gem gleamed from her.  Being small, there was not the ‘getting used to’ period that occurs with lengthier or wider designs.  The small stem allowed her anus to grip onto the toy, without the feeling it was slipping out.  What a beautiful sight it was, seeing the gem tucked in between her cheeks.

Finishing up the rest of her massage, she never complained of discomfort.  Guiding her over to the bed, she played along, putting her butt into the air.  This spread her, exposing the circular gem.  Unable to control myself, I enjoyed her taking in every moment of visual and penetrative pleasure.

When play time was over, was able to slide the RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug out with ease and no discomfort.  The stainless-steel and silicone lube maintained the lubrication through the whole experience.  After cleaning up, which was a breeze since the toy was metal, we cuddled and talked about the experience.

I could not stop talking about the fulfillment of my fantasy and how I would love to experience the visual climax it provides more often than not.  For her, she mentioned how the toy did not add too much stimulation during penetration, but also due to its design never felt uncomfortable and like it was going to slip out.  She also commented how knowing how hot it was for me, definitely increase the value she gave to the toy.

Overall, the RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug is a winner.  Yes, it is a beginner toy when it comes to size, but wow it is sexy.  It is well constructed and the jewel is solidly fixed to the hilt.

We give the RelaXxxx Silver Starter plug a 10 out of 10.

– Married2Sexy

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy for this review of the RelaXxxx Silver Starter Blue Butt Plug. This sex toy is made from nickel-free chrome.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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