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7 out of 10

Red Hots Valentine Anthology with Caitlyn Lynch – Erotic Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Meitiman

I feel like most people have a strong feeling about Valentine’s Day. Either they dismiss it entirely as just another day that has been twisted into an excuse to sell products (i.e. – candy, flowers, and lingerie) or they feel it is a sacred holiday to celebrate love and watch out if you’re the crazy man who breaks a girl’s heart on Valentine’s Day. The Red Hots Valentine Anthology caters to the latter half.  You do have to suspend belief a little with this collection of stories. With an anthology about Valentine’s Day, you kind of have to expect that there’s a perfect man waiting around every corner to pick up the damsel in distress who was just ruthlessly dumped by the evil villain. Love (or the possibility of love) conquers all in these stories, but then I suppose we don’t read stories like this for their ability to mirror the real world. If all of this sounds like your type of story, then let’s dig in.

Red Hots Valentine Anthology with Caitlyn LynchThere’s 18 stories here by various authors and I would categorize them as mostly a heterosexual slant with half of them being either stories about threesomes or non-human (such as ghosts, monsters, aliens, or gods). The stories aren’t too lengthy and this anthology can be ready pretty quickly if you want or can be read 1 short story at a time when the mood strikes you. Most of the stories I enjoyed, while only a couple didn’t appeal to me, but they were still readable. While anthologies are great because they stick to a theme (a theme you’re probably interested in if you picked up the book), the downside is they are meant to reach as many people as possible, so they aren’t going to stray too far one way or the other. The stories had decent heat, but are probably best classified as “steamy”. You’ll encounter graphic situations with words like “cock” and “pussy”, but not really much in the way of BDSM or more extreme situations. Obviously non-human characters are a little outside of the norm, but if you ignore that aspect, the stories follows similar patterns to the rest of the stories in this set.

I did enjoy the Red Hots Valentine Anthology quite a bit, but I couldn’t help feeling like a lot of these stories followed similar tropes. Typically they were patterns like: girl is lonely on Valentine’s Day for some reason (dumped by boyfriend, life situation, etc.), man in invisible shining armor swoops in from around the corner, couple (or trio) just happens to be comfortable enough  to forget previous wrongs and have sex, he performs oral on her, she performs a little oral on him, and multiple climaxes wrap up the action and lead to a happily ever after. As I said, I really did enjoy this anthology, but I suppose that’s just the nature of a set like this.

There were only a couple of stories I didn’t care for much. Moonlight and Roses was an interesting concept about an independent woman who chooses to spend Valentine’s day alone by choice and encounters a mysterious garden and a variety of possibilities. It was nice that it was different, but I had trouble connecting with the main character. The main character was also the problem in Sweet on You. Molly has her heartbroken and books herself a Valentine’s Day alone in a fancy hotel. A room mix-up forces her to share her room with Jack. I had a hard time caring about Molly. I’m sure I’m not a happy person when I’m heartbroken, but she seemed unnecessarily unlikeable to me. This story just didn’t strike a chord with me. The writing was good, I just couldn’t get into the story. Others may not have the same issue.

Some of the stories were quite hot and had me wanting to go jump my own lover. I loved Roses and Tails. It’s a story about a human and alien lover who have sex in Zero G on their space station. Tails sound fun and hot! It would be awesome to have the extra sensations from a tail running all over my body during sex. Power Outage was another great story that involved a Raquel’s Valentine’s Day plans for her husband going awry when the power goes out. A sexy electrician arrives to fix the problem and leads to some hot fun. You can kind of predict where this story is going, but the action was hot. It’s something I could see myself trying to act out with my own wife.

I felt like the Red Hots Valentine Anthology would be worth the read for anyone who is into stories about love (as well as sex obviously) and Valentine’s Day. Some of the storylines felt a little clichéd, but you have to expect that a little and the stories were still worth reading. I’m giving it a rating of 7 out of 10 because it’s definitely better than average, but there’s room for improvement.

– Meitiman

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Meitiman for this review of the Red Hots Valentine Anthology with Caitlyn Lynch (99p digital edition on pre-order – £9.99 paperback – from Amazon)

The Red Hots Valentine Anthology was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the leading author. Thank you! 🙂

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