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9 out of 10

Prowler Perfect Angle Douche Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kurosakikun

One thing I have always been fastidious about is anal sex toys.  I tend to use a condom over any butt plug, prostate toy etc, as I cannot stand cleaning some materials over and over again and not being able to get rid of that smell!  (If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you may notice this has become quite a theme).  It’s never occurred to me to use an anal douche to clean the area beforehand, so I was very interested to see how the Prowler Perfect Angle Douche would change the way I approach using anal toys.  The fact that Prowler have described how the angle of dispensed water will perfectly hit the prostate is an added bonus!



The Prowler Perfect Angle Douche comes in very simple packaging, a see through plastic bag with a sticker on it with the name of the product.  No nonsense, nothing wrong with that, except for the lack of instructions.  Having never used one before, I understand the idea of how to use it, but should I use cold water, warm water, be lying in the bath, standing in the shower, hovering tentatively over the toilet?  I thought I would head to the Prowler website to see if there are any in depth instructions, unfortunately though, there are none.  So, it was to be a voyage of discovery.  I first tried in the shower and quickly realised I should have been hovering over the toilet!  A lesson learnt.

The idea behind the Prowler Perfect Angle Douche is the same as many douche of this type, it has a large bulb which holds an amount of water – I couldn’t find an amount on the website so I emptied it into a measuring jug, it holds 400ml.  You screw a flexible neck onto the water bulb, which has various holes on the end, and once inserted into the rectum you squeeze your desired amount of liquid into the colon and your body will naturally eject the water, along with any faecal matter.  Simple but effective cleaning!  Speaking of cleaning, you should clean the insertable part of the Prowler Perfect Angle Douche before using, as you should do with any sex toy/aid before use!

Prowler Perfect Angle Douche Review

As far as I could see from looking at other douches available, was that most had a straight neck and one hole at the end.  The Prowler Perfect Angle Douche has a curved neck and nine holes on the tip of the neck, one on the end and 8 around the end.  As I mentioned before, this is all in aid of performing a gentle prostate massage while douching, kind of warming up before the main event.  I must admit, I found this quite nice, nothing hands free orgasm like, but a nice way to clean that area.

I used a dollop of lube to start and the slim neck was very easy to insert, I could feel the holes slightly as I inserted the tip as they have an edge on them from being cut out, nothing major but slightly scratchy.  Once I had the tip where I thought was in place, I squeezed on the bulb, here I realised you don’t need much force to squirt water out!  The effect was instant and what was initially left in my colon was expelled quickly.  I did three squirts with the douche and as nothing but clear water was coming out I decided to finish the testing with a session with a previous Pleasure Panel round review item to see how clean was!

Prowler Perfect Angle Douche Review

Before this I cleaned up the neck of the Prowler Perfect Angle Douche, which as it unscrews from the water bulb, is pretty easy, the only thing I would mention is to make sure you clean out the holes properly and nothing is left in there.  The best way I have found is to refill the bulb with warm soapy water and squeeze all of it through the holes so they are all running clear.

Using a prostate massager without a condom on is new for me and felt really exciting.  I have to say that once I was finished and went to clean up, the massager still only had lube on it and did not smell of faecal matter at all, I was amazed at how good a job the douche had done and I am now thinking that I should have used one of these a long time ago!

The Prowler Perfect Angle Douche is quite a big item but as it unscrews becomes smaller and can be stored away with your other sex toys/aids nicely.  It would have been a bonus to get a pouch to keep it in when not in use.

I give the Prowler Perfect Angle Douche a 9 out 10 as it works really well at its primary job; it only loses a point for the scratchy nature of the extra holes in the neck!  Definitely a great weapon in my arsenal of sex toys!


– Kurosakikun

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