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9 out of 10

Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Louise Lace

I was lucky enough to be selected to review the Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set made by the Wild Duvet Company. it was sent free of charge in return for an honest review as part of the March Pleasure Panel round.

Presentation & Packaging

The Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set arrived in a plain outer parcel bag. The duvet set within was packaged in a clear, plastic bag much like any other bedding set you would buy. Upon opening, the duvet cover and matching pillow cases were folded around a card inner.

The package had a paper insert to the front. One side displaying a couple of pictures of the set on a bed, details of the bedding sizes and the washing instructions (machine washable at 40 degrees).


Nowhere on the packaging does it state what materials are used in the fabric. I assume cotton makes up a large percentage of the fabric blend as the material is very soft to the touch. It feels slightly brushed on the outside and smoother on the inside. It could possibly be Pertex but please don’t quote me.

Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set Pleasure Panel Review Cara Sutra-1

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The reverse of the insert contained a ‘Symbol Key’. This explained what each of the markings on the duvet cover relate to. I found this to be a very helpful addition to the packaging. It meant I was able to familiarise myself with the who, what and where before we actually put the bedding to use. It does label the markings as male and female body parts. Maybe The Wild Bedding Company could consider updating this to ‘partner 1 and partner 2’ or something similar. As we all know, not every relationship is made up of opposite sex couples.


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The Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set I received from Cara measured at 200cm x 200cm. My bed is a standard double and the duvet cover overhung the bed quite a bit. Therefore while it’s technically a double bed set, I think it would be more suited to a king size bed. Some of the positions were hanging over the side of my bed. Not to worry though, the super soft material glides perfectly over my bed. Moving it around as and when needed shouldn’t be a problem.

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Design & Positions

Once the bed was fully dressed in its new kinky attire, my partner and I lay on our fronts on the bed to study the pillow cases, these have ‘Pole Positions’ printed in red on a white background on one side and diagrams and descriptions of the positions, again printed in red, on the reverse.

We both found the ‘freestyle’ font used very difficult to read, it is a very squirly font and the letters are printed close together, even with my sexy ‘secretary’ specs on I struggled to read it. Here’s hoping the markings, which we know from the symbol key relate to our body parts, are a bit clearer.

There are 6 positions to choose from on the Wild Bedding Company’s Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set;

The Belly Flop
Couching Tiger
Edge of the Bed Missionary


The duvet cover, which due to the smoother inner surface slipped on with ease and fastens with a handy zip, is plain white on one side with the symbols and position names printed in red on the other. This means that the duvet can be flipped when in not in use to be a little more discreet, its a pity the pillow cases are printed on both sides, even ‘Pole Positions’ could raise a few questions should anyone else in the house notice the bedding.

During Use

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Due to the overhang of the positions that I mentioned earlier, we decided to try out the Sidewinder position first, only because this was placed in the middle of the bed. We had a giggle that one of the symbols can be either a head or a hip and after a short ‘attempted’ spell as a contortionist, I realised that my hip should be where I was trying to place my head! Once we had stopped laughing, we found ourselves in a sort of scissors position with him above me.

A quick shuffle of the bedding and I found myself flipped over and propped up using one of the lovely soft pillows, my partner took his position behind me for the Belly Flop. This position had my partner leaning over my back with his hands close to mine, conveniently, his mouth was close to my ear, enabling him to whisper into my ear. Doggy style is a favourite position of mine and the Belly Flop offers a similar but more supportive version.

Mixing It Up

While I do enjoy a slow and romantic session, I like nothing better than to be thrown around in the bedroom and the Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set really encourages the couple to mix it up. Even the having to move the quilt around to change positions didn’t hinder our fun, it added to the excitement and also allowed my over excited partner time to have a little breather.

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Getting the hang of whose-what-goes-where, we excitedly got ourselves ready for the Octopus. This is a face-to-face position and we both noted how close together the bum symbols were positioned, we are both pretty slim and we couldn’t fit on the markings so larger bottoms would have no chance. Confusingly, there are no markings for my feet so I improvised and wrapped them round his waist, whilst this worked, penetration was not very deep.

Wanting to be sure we were doing it right we unravelled ourselves and took a quick glance at the diagram on the pillow cases. My feet were supposed to be around his neck! Obviously 🙂 Being face-to-face made this very intimate and we were able adapt it slightly to wrap our arms around each other to support ourselves. We both agreed that this was our favourite so far.

Different Positions

The Crouching Tiger is basically a Doggy style position. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this often our go to position. Therefore we skipped it this time and moved on to what we thought to be the most adventurous position, the Wheelbarrow.

For the wheelbarrow, the male sits on the edge of the bed and the female, with her hands on the floor, lays with her feet behind the male on the bed. My partner and I had such a struggle getting into this position. In fact our struggle had me almost falling in the process. Fearing that my arms may not be able to support my upper body weight for long, we put a pillow on the floor just in case. I am a bit accident prone and a bloody nose near a white duvet cover would not be a good combination.

Last but not least was the Edge of the Bed Missionary position. After trying the other positions earlier, I was grateful that this position had me lay on my back with my bottom at the edge, my legs resting against my partner’s chest. He was stood, as predicted by the name, at the edge of the bed. This allowed for a range of penetration depths and speeds. It was also the perfect way to bring our play session to a close.


Panting, sweating and with our hearts beating out of our chests, we collapsed back onto the pillows. In unison we both said “wow, that was fun!”

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I was nervous about washing the set, I was worried that the red print would run into the white background. Thankfully this was not the case. I washed on a normal 40 degree cycle and it was as good as new. I may have given my new neighbours something to think about when I hung the bedding set out on my washing line to dry though 🙂

Final Thoughts

We both loved The Wild Bedding Company’s Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set. It really encourages you to have fun with positions and move about during a session. I almost forgot to mention that it is also lovely to sleep in, the pillows are so soft on your skin. We’ve used the bedding a few times now and I think it’s fair to say that the Octopus will become a firm favourite of ours. The Wheelbarrow is my new challenge, I WILL build up my arm strength so that we can do this without fear of a trip to A&E.

The Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set offers a fun and frisky addition to the bedroom and we recommend it to everyone. We would only change a few things:

1. Removing the ‘Pole Positions’ type from the pillow case to allow for a plain bedding set when not in use as a position guide.

2. Also, the font used for the descriptions could be clearer.

3. As the set encourages lots of movement, I found make-up smears here and there, I would have preferred the bedding colours to have been the other way round, red, with the symbols in white to make any marks less noticeable.

So, other than recommending a few design tweaks, we loved the bedding and would rate it 9 out of 10.

Pole Positions Kama Sutra Style Sex Positions Double Duvet Set Review Simply Sutra-3

Thank you so much to Cara for sending me the Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set. I am going to have many nights of entertainment with this set, you should try one!

Louise x

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Louise Lace for this review of the Pole Positions Sex Positions Duvet Set. It’s available from Nice n Naughty in the UK for £29.99.

This duvet set was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel. It was sent by simplysutra.com (update 2017 – now closed).

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