Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms Review

7 out of 10

Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms Review

By Tangled Lover

We have used various types and brands of condom in the past, but have never tried these textured ones, so we were happy to be selected to try the Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms.


Over the last few years I have seen the Playboy logo on various items that seem completely unrelated to the brand, so it is good to see a product that makes sense for the branding. The Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms box looks really good, it is the usual size for a 3 pack which is small and easy to store discreetly or to have in your pocket or bag on a night out. The box is black with white writing and a metallic green rabbit logo on it. Inside the box you get 3 foil wrapped condoms with the same black with green rabbit design as on the box, the back of the foil is silver with a white rabbit head and the CE mark. Also printed on the back is the lot number and the expiry. The information says that the condoms have a nominal width of 52mm. There is an information sheet in the box explaining how to use the condoms and precaution that should be taken.

Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms Review

I noticed straight away that the lubricant is silicone based so be very careful when using these Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms with sex toys as the lube can damage toys that contain silicone. So after a quick rummage through the toy drawer I decided to carry out the first test on a glass dildo.

The foils are easy to tear open without causing any damage to the condoms. The Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms are transparent with a very slight creamy colour to them. They are well lubricated with the silicone lubricant and feel greasy to the touch. The condoms smell quite pleasant with a slightly sweet odour. As these are the Extra Pleasure condoms they are described on the packet as being “Dotted, Ribbed and Shaped”. Looking at the condom it is easy to see each of these elements:

Shaped: The condom expands around the head of the penis before narrowing and then expanding again to accommodate the shaft.

Ribbed: There is a 2cm band of ribs that wrap around the condom and are positioned so they will fit around and behind the head of the penis.

Dotted: There are raised dots all around the condom that run from behind the head all the way down the shaft.

It is easy to feel each of these features when touching the condom. I initially tried one on a glass dildo to check the strength. I tried pulling and stretching the condom and it seemed very strong and put up with a lot of abuse before finally tearing. This made me confident that the condom will survive even a very energetic sex session!

Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms Review

After the initial test with the dildo it was time to test them properly with my wife. The condoms rolled on very easily, the fit was snug and comfortable, and the ribs and dots sat in the right place. I found that I could not feel the dots but the ribs felt good as they rubbed against the head of my penis. My wife said that she could feel both the ribs and the dots and they gave interesting sensations during sex. We had no problem with the condom splitting or coming off during sex, so we had no worries about safety. We found that the silicone lube felt quite greasy and did wear off quite quickly but did it job.

Overall we liked these condoms; they felt very strong so we had no fear of them ripping, the ribs and dots felt good. The downside we discovered was the lube, being silicone you have to be careful when using the Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms with sex toys, and we did find that the lube wore off quite quickly and we had to apply more.

We would give them a rating of 7/10.

– Tangled Lover

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Tangled Lover for this review of the Playboy Extra Pleasure Condoms. 


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