Pjur Cult Rubber and Latex Ultra Shine Spray Review

10 out of 10

Pjur Cult Rubber and Latex Shine Spray Review

Pjur Cult Rubber and Latex Shine Spray Review

If you know anything about latex, you know that before you reach that enviable gleaming shine often seen on the product pictures of latex clothing, you need to go through the process of buffing up the latex rubber to a deep shine. For this, a special spray is preferable and most efficient. Pjur have formulated a special latex and rubber shine spray which is easy to use and comes in a large size bottle. it’s easy to dispense on to your latex and rubber items, simply squeeze the trigger once opening the nozzle, which is very similar to household cleaning fluid bottles.

The bottle is presented in the traditional black colour of fetish and BDSM, so it won’t look out of place in any kinky kit bag. it also has universal appeal, regardless of gender, relationship status or sexuality or BDSM orientation.

Ok. I can’t keep it in anymore. This stuff is amazing! I have used the Sharon Sloane latex buffing spray in the past, but you had to work SO hard to get the latex even half shiny. It was never anything like what you see in latex product pics, that dazzling gleam.

I got a cloth ready and laid out my latex clothing. Sprayed on the Pjur Cult spray. Picked up the cloth.


The latex turned shiny IN FRONT OF MY EYES. I’m not joking. In fact I turned over the latex shirt and took a video of me spraying the back, so you can see for yourself:

Shiny, shiny… well, latex not leather.

The latex stays shiny for about half an hour before it tends to dry off a little bit, but still. All the shine, none of the work. Realistically I’m only ever going to be wearing latex for a couple of hours tops before I need to roll it off and let my skin breathe. In that time I am sure I can find someone to top up the spray.

it’s a tad more expensive than other latex shiners but it’s a no-rub formula so save your energy for more exciting things, people!

Spray and play.

I absolutely love this product and I am still amazed. Get your 250ml easy spray bottle of Pjur Cult Rubber and Latex Shine Spray here from Lovehoney for £21.99.

You can find out more about the Pjur Cult Rubber and Latex Shine Spray on the Pjur site right here.

– Cara Sutra



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