Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker Review

6 out of 10

Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker Review

By KurosakiKun

Not very often have I received a sex toy and let out an immature giggle. The packaging of the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker is straight out of the imagination of the horniest of teenagers you’ve ever met.  From blurry photos of a lady exposing everything and wearing nothing but see through heels to the hilarious slogans and blurb all over the box, it screams tacky and I bizarrely kinda like it!


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The front of the box exclaims “I want your cum inside of me!” and the sides have the hilarious quote “My pussy is a cum sponge!” emblazoned on them – and the reason I think I don’t find this too over the top or offensive  is it’s clearly not trying to take itself too seriously (I hope).  It’s the kind of packaging and imagery I would have imagined all sex toys came in when I was 16, ah some nostalgic feels already!

Inside the Box

Opening the fiddly thick cardboard box, inside is your “cum sponge” lengthy masturbator in an air filled plastic bag, two small snap-top bottles of Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner and a snap-top bottle of Moist Body Lotion (lube).  It’s not much, but I always appreciate useful extras that actually allow you to use the toy straight out of the box.

Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker Review

Ripping open the bag to get at the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker you are instantly hit with the smell of the material it is made from.  It is a pretty unpleasant smell and as there is very limited information on what the toy is actually made from it instantly made me think it smelt of cheap material, since using this several times and cleaning after each use, I can confirm that the smell is still there!  Awful!


Back to the material; on the box there is the excited claim that it is made of “Fanta Flesh”, whatever that is!  I decided to have a little look around the internet to discover what Fanta Flesh actually is and thanks to Kinkly I can tell you it is a TPR based material, which mimics human skin in both look and feel!  Well I’ll be the judge of that later in the review!  (TPR, for those who do not know, is thermoplastic rubber, compatible with water-based lube but is porous and cannot be sterilised – the reason it comes with anti-bacterial cleaner).

Weight and Size

The Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker is very soft and flexible, stretchy and quite weighty in hand (8 ounces).  It is also important to note that it is quite lengthy, other sleeves and masturbators I have used generally don’t accommodate anything over 5 inches – from front to back, the Fill Her Up can take 7 inches of length.

Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker Review

I think the reason for the extra length is apparent from a sentence in the first paragraph of blurb on the rear of the box – “When you’re done, don’t worry about pulling out – fill this cum sponge up with every last drop!” – assuming the extra length will act as a reservoir for the ejaculate.  Unfortunately with the wide open hole on the rear this is not the case.

During Use

Using the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker, several sessions in I still find pushing into the lifelike opening rather clumsy. The TPR is so soft that it squashes up and takes some negotiating to envelop the head of the penis, without a good dose of lubricant you will have no chance.  Once in, the hole is tight and again with the super soft material it bunches up and needs a tight grip to get a rhythm going.

This is where I have my biggest complaint with the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker… because of the lack of rigidity or any sort of firmness to the material, once you start stroking the toy up and down,with every up stroke the masturbator ‘slaps’ around, hanging limp.

Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker Review

I have provided a photo comparing the Fill Her Up to a competitor product which is firmer and keeps its shape while being used, both of which are standing upright.   You can see how much the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker buckles under its own weight and flexibility. Another eloquent excerpt of blurb from the rear of the box says: “The sure-grip handle fits perfectly in your palm”… Unfortunately the target market must have huge hands compared to me and it becomes quite off-putting having your wrists slapped when using one hand – a quick fix obviously is to use both hands!

Using The Lube

Another problem with the lack of rigidity accompanies the fact that the water based Moist lube is so watery that it runs straight to the back of the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker. It goes everywhere with every ‘slap’ of the toy going back and forth like a pendulum.  You can imagine then, that there could potentially be quite a scene if you don’t cease stroking as soon as you have ejaculated!

The hole through the back of the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker is so open that my first orgasm in the toy came straight out of the end without touching any of the toy, using both hands I didn’t have any chance to catch it!


The inside of the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker is full of “hundreds of bumpy love nodules that are guaranteed to made you explode” -or so they say.  Earlier I mentioned the TPR mimics human skin, unfortunately I have to say that it still feels like I am wanking with soft rubber and not really like the warmth and intricacies of a genuine human love tunnel.

Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker Review

How It Feels

I can’t tell a lie though, I have reached orgasm quickly every time using this toy and the bumps inside do genuinely feel great once you have worked out the best way to fill her up!  The resultant orgasms have been powerful and it’s nice to, in layman’s terms, be balls deep in a toy and not be poking out of the end, continual glans stimulation being key here.

Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker Review

Clean Up

Clean up is easy with the Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Penis Stroker. It turns inside out relatively easily and doesn’t feel like it will rip or distort easily.  The toy may smell like cheap material but it does seem like it is robust and will take a good hammering (excuse the pun).

Washing under warm water with some of the antibacterial wash and patting fry/ drip drying will sort it out.  A spattering of generic toy rejuvenating powder will ensure longevity, and perhaps mask some of the TPR smell.


At around £20 I think this is rather pricey for the end product, there are others on the market for half of that price that are twice as good.  I give this 6/10, if it wasn’t for the intense orgasms, the awkwardness of use would have scored it much less.

– KurosakiKun

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