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Penthouse Variations on Oral from Cleis Press

Pleasure Panel review by gypsylibrarian

Got a little erotica reading done recently with Penthouse Variations on Oral. This volume is by the editors of Penthouse Variations. Now, I will admit that I have not read Penthouse or Penthouse Variations for some time, a deficit I need to remedy down the road. I do enjoy erotic tales featuring oral sex, so I looked forward to reading this new volume. I have to say that this collaboration with Cleis Press was a pleasant reading experience. As I mentioned, I do enjoy erotica with elements of oral, and I have enjoyed other anthologies from Cleis on the topic such as Going Down: Oral Sex Stories. This one is certainly a welcome addition that will keep you up at night with a solid selection of stories from new and well-known authors.

Penthouse Variations on Oral

The book begins with a short introduction by Barbara Pizio. The introduction goes over a bit of the history of Penthouse Variations and then sets up the volume with a couple of highlights from stories in the volume. It is just enough to whet your appetite for things to come. From there,  the volume offers 22 stories that explore in all sorts of ways the experience of going down. Alison Tyler opens the volume with her story “Lickety-Split.” This story is a great opening selection, and it sets up the volume nicely. From there, you get one delightful treat after another. Some stories are soft and affectionate; others are a bit more wild and aggressive. We get variety of experiences from stories of devoted couples exploring their love and lust to new lovers finding unbridled passion, all seeking to savor the acts. A strength of the volume is in the diversity of stories an experiences. As the experience of oral sex is one to be savored, whether you give or receive, these are not stories to rush through. Take your time, savor each delightful offering.


The stories will arouse and inspire you. You may get a couple of new ideas as well. This is definitely a good volume that couples can share together. It is certainly one I will share with my special someone and revisit now and then. Just expect taking breaks in the reading as inspiration and lust strike you. The book is a debut volume to a series of books featuring stories inspired by Variations.  They are off to a good start, and I will be looking for other volumes in the series.

– Angel R Rivera

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Angel R Rivera for this guest review of Penthouse Variations On Oral: Erotic Stories Of Going Down from Cleis Press. 

This book was provided by Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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