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Penthouse Variations on Quickies, Erotic Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Livvy Libertine

Welcome to my first Pleasure Panel review on one of my new favorite porn anthologies, the Penthouse Variations on Quickies. The book has 248 pages and was a pretty quick read for me, despite needing to take a few breaks here and there for an orgasm or two. I really enjoyed the variety of stories in the book and will happily be reading it again (and again.)

I cannot say enough good things about this book. All of the individual stories are well written and each one offers something new from a simple heterosexual quickie, to lesbians, and even cross dressing. I loved reading about threesomes and men watching their wives getting fucked. Simply amazing. Some of the stories are a little slow to get started, but once they do those are the ones that really blew me away.

As Penthouse themselves put it “these stories of quick (but not lacking) sex from the salacious minds of Penthouse Variations magazine will leave you panting and ready for a quick tryst of your own.” And they are absolutely correct. I have to say that my favorite story was one called “Girl Crush” written by one Maria Stewart. She articulated so well just what was happening between the two ladies that it became an incredibly intense story. There are so many fantastic stories in here that it was hard to pick just one that really spoke to me and I’ve always loved reading the Penthouse Variations and this book is no exception to that rule. Perhaps I’ll have my significant other take a peek and see if it inspires them to any new and naughty ideas. I know it certainly inspired me.

Penthouse Variations on Quickies is not the only book in this series as I know they have one regarding anal sex, kink, submission and several others. I’ll certainly be picking up the one on submission and possibly the one on kink as well to see if I can broaden my own submissive nature through well written and expressive stories that are designed to titillate and tease. Quickies showed me that sometimes sex can just be a few minutes rather than something long and drawn out and that inspires me to find ways to work more quickies into my own lifestyle.

Overall, Penthouse Variations on Quickies is a well put together book that just screams for an erotica connoisseur to delve into and enjoy the dearth of amazing stories that, as I said, run the gamut from everything to wife swapping, some BDSM, and several other topics of interest. It has a wide appeal that should have something for everyone and is definitely worth a read.

You can pick up a print or E-book copy at Cleis Press for $15.95 or on for the same price. You can also pick up some of the other Penthouse Variations I mentioned about on Cleis Press as well. I would imagine that they would be just as high quality as this one and well worth the expense just as this book is certainly worth the price if you’re looking for good writing about sex, specifically quick short scenes to whet your appetite for more. I hope you take a closer look at the Penthouse Variations line up and find something that you enjoy.

– Livvy Libertine

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Livvy Libertine for this review of the erotic anthology, Penthouse Variations on Quickies. This book is available in digital or hard copy format from Cleis Press for $15.95. You can also buy it here from Amazon for £9.99 Kindle/£13 paperback.

This book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Cleis Press. Thank you! 🙂

Penthouse Variations on Quickies Book Review

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Penthouse Variations on Quickies Book Review

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