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8 out of 10

Pasante Super King Extra Large Condoms

Pleasure Panel review by Paul

For years, I thought 57mm wide condoms were the largest ones available. After all, that’s what was stated on the box I purchased at my local store. My sex life changed when I discovered the mysize brand which made condoms up to 69mm wide. I tried those, and never went back. When I heard about the new Pasante Super King Extra Large Condoms, I was really eager to test and compare them. I really feel that having only one brand of condom (that fits me properly) to choose from kinda sucks.

pasante pleasure panel cara sutra review-17

The size specifications of both condoms are exactly the same, so I had no trouble there. I found that the Super King condoms fit perfectly, never felt loose, but most importantly didn’t feel too tight like other sizes did. Compared to MySize, I found the Pasante condoms to have a extra quality feel; I really felt safe with them on. I never worried that they might break or something. My partner and I didn’t notice any difference regarding the general feeling, which is good.  We were even forgetting the condom was there – which is exactly what I’m asking for from a condom!

Pasante Super King Condoms sample
Pasante Super King Condoms sample

I would definitely purchase those more often, even though I won’t completely dismiss the MySize ones. For me the best thing about these condoms is that more brands are making really large condoms, which gives me a choice I didn’t have before. I can only hope that others will follow, and that someday I will have the opportunity to try flavoured or ribbed condoms in the 69mm size.

– Paul

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Paul for this guest review of the Pasante Super King condoms (£17.60 for a 144 pack). These condoms were sent free of charge by Freedoms Shop in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel. 

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