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Pasante Magic Delay Gel

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Both me and my partner a big fan of lubricants, we find it really is an essential in the bedroom. We have tried every type of lubricant you can think of. The only type that we hadn’t tried is ones with a delay effect. We have been curious for a while on how it could add to our sex life, and if they actually really work. When I received the Pasante Magic Delay Gel we were very excited, so tried it out later that evening.

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First Impressions

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The delay gel arrives in a rather basic bottle. It is nothing special, but it does the job perfectly. The gel is dispensed by a pump which is really handy, as I find that they cause less mess than bottles that you have to squeeze out the substance. The pump locks, so it is also perfect for taking on cheeky weekends away without worrying about creating a mess of your bag and its contents. There is 75ml of gel in the bottle making it not overly large, but not so tiny that there are only a few uses in the bottle.

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The bottle has a fairly simple label that is straight to the point, and tells you everything you need to know about the product on the back. The delay gel states that it can affect sperm mobility, so if you are trying to conceive I would advise against using this product. The gel is not a contraceptive either, so you will still need to use condoms if you do so.

The gel itself is not overly thick but doesn’t run everywhere either, I liked this as both very thick and runny products are a pet hate of mine. The gel is transparent, however has a yellow/green tint that doesn’t not look the most appealing. I found that the product is completely odourless, so your session will not be ruined by an awful synthetic smell.

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The gel states that it is paraben free, and does not contain glycerine which is great as I often find products that do make me irritated due to my very sensitive skin.

During Use

Upon putting on the gel my partner felt a slight tingling sensation, he found that it felt different to other products but wasn’t anything that felt great. When applying the gel I found that not much was needed at all, a lot really does go along way with this product. It is very easy to apply and doesn’t tend to get into a mess.

The gel states that it is not a lubricant, however since having our first child we have found that I need a little lube to get things going. We didn’t need to use any lubricant when this product was used, so had the same effect as using a lubricant too. My partner lasted a considerable length of time in comparison to usual. This meant that we could have a very long session. My partner felt the urge to orgasm on many occasions, but just couldn’t. When he eventually came to climax he found that it was not as intense as his usual orgasms. As he didn’t feel that he had an intensive orgasm it meant that he could go again a few moments later, which doesn’t happen very often so was fantastic.

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The gel was very easy to clean up, it did not leave any sticky residue at all so meant that it could quite easily be wiped away with tissue. We didn’t have to wash ourselves in the shower straight after, which was good because we were both excused. It made the skin feel silky and smooth after use.


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Both me and my partner found this a great product, it really did delay his orgasms and make things last longer. I really wasn’t expecting this product to work how it says it should but it did.

– Kinky Sutra

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kinky Sutra for this guest review of the Pasante Magic Delay Gel (75ml bottle – £4.40). This product was provided free of charge for the purposes of a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel by Pasante

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