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8 out of 10

Pasante Gentle Light Lube Review (75ml)

Pasante Gentle Light Lube review by Minxy Mischief

Thanks to Cara for sending me over some Pasante Gentle Light Lube to review.

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Pasante light lube is a water based lube and comes in a 75ml pump bottle. I had to remove the plastic wrapping to get access the pump, this just ensures you that the bottle is new and unused. I found the pump super easy to use. Simply twist to the right to open and again to the left to close. Even during masturbation or sex if lube is needed then there was no fumbling about to open it and disturbing your fun times. I wouldn’t hesitate to put this in a weekend bag without the worry of it spilling everywhere.

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Clearly on the label it says NEW paraben free formula, I’m sure this can only be a good thing. It also clearly states on the front that it is also condom friendly. On the packaging it states that it is clear, odourless, non greasy and non staining all of which were put to the test. Clear it is and I found it to be a nice consistency, a reasonably thick lube which felt lovely to use. I didn’t find it greasy at all and it didn’t leave any stains on the bedsheets either. I couldn’t really detect a smell from it. Other things on the label are instructions on how to use including how to use the pump bottle and ingredients.

My partner and I really put this water based lube through it’s paces. I used it on my own and the clear lube feels rather silky and quickly made everything nice and slick without being sticky. The pump dispenses in a nice amount, a pump or 2 at a time I found enough for me to use. I found it a lovely lube to use and didn’t find it dried out too quickly. I wasn’t clock watching but I found that it started to dry out after maybe 10-15 minutes. As it states on the bottle it can be re-activated with a little water but I found it such a lovely lube to use that I preferred to just dispense another small amount. My partner used it on his own too with pretty much the same views although he found out that it dried out a little quicker for him, maybe just under the 10 minute mark. Also there wasn’t really any taste to this lube, a lick or 2 was enough to determine this.

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Together we both really liked this lube. It’s great to use on your own, male or female, with or without sex toys or with your partner. I also found the lube to be of a thick enough consistency that I was more than happy to use it for anal sex too.

Overall we thought it was a great lube and happy to have it sitting on our bedside cabinet to use if needed.


Pros: handy, easy to work pump bottle

Cons: nothing that really stood out

Overall: A nice slick lube that I would happy recommend.


– Minxy Mischief

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Minxy Mischief for this review of the Pasante Gentle Light Lube (75ml, £3.25). 


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