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8 out of 10

Pasante Bullet Silicone Lube 75ml

Pleasure Panel review by Rossiebear

On opening the packet containing the Pasante Bullet Silicone Lube I was surprised by the bottle, in that it looks, well… just like a big 5 inch bullet (clue is in the name I guess). I don’t mean like a novelty toy bullet, I mean an actual genuine bullet – so I’m probably on some MI5 watch list now!

Pasante Bullet Silicone Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

One of the things I liked was the cellophane seal that keeps everything secure and tamper proof but more importantly it was easy to tear the perforations and open it. Nothing ruins the moment more than spending 10 minutes trying to open sex toys and lube packaging using your teeth then having to go into the kitchen to try and find some scissors. This is a sturdy bottle with a nice solid quality feel about it and not likely to crack open if accidentally knocked onto the floor (which we did twice).  The bottle is 75ml which is pretty good value for money and I found the pump gave a perfect size amount with each squirt i.e. 1 or 2 is all you would need for general use although when using a toy we did need about another 3-4 squirts to get decent coverage. The nozzle didn’t appear to drip or dribble which is good as it keeps it clean and hygienic.

The lube claims to be odourless but I found it has a very mild, but pleasant odour almost like a very faint talcum smell, although you would have to make a conscious effort to try smell it and under normal circumstances so its accurate to call it odourless. With a normal amount it still leaves keeps some friction which may or may not be a good depending on personal preference and use, (I liked it however my partner prefers something a bit more slippery) but I found it provided a satisfying natural feel, unfortunately even though it says that it can be reactivated with a few drops of water I found this not to achieve much so we just chose to use more of it as it was needed.

One of the rather ironic/amusing down sides to this product is in the fact that the bottle is a bullet and as such, the lid is a very shiny metallic curved dome shape, so if you have any lube on your hands already its proves a challenge to get a grip of the lid to open it! So remember not to put the lid back on until you’re completely finished with it.

I’m not 100% sure who this product is aimed at (no pun intended) as its quite an imposing bottle which would be more suited to an aftershave or mens shower gel and I can’t imagine many ladies choosing to have a big shiny bullet sat on their bedside table.

[Cara: I have quite a few shiny bullets on my bedside table :D]

Pasante Bullet Silicone Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review Pasante Bullet Silicone Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

On a side note one of the best things I did notice about this product was it left my hands really soft after use, so I think I might just use this as hand moisturiser from now on!

Overall I would give this an 8/10. It’s a good lube but let down by the novelty bullet packaging.

Pasante Bullet Silicone Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

– rossiebear

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer rossiebear for this guest review of the Pasante Bullet Silicone Lube 75ml bottle (£7.99). You can also buy Pasante condoms & other bedroom essentials at Lovehoney and find more Pasante product reviews here at Cara Sutra.

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