Pasante Adore Condoms Vibrating Love Ring – Guest Review

7 out of 10

Pasante Adore Vibrating Love Ring – Guest Review

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I have to admit that this is the first ever cock ring that I have used with my partner so I wasn’t sure of exactly what to expect from the Pasante Adore Vibrating Love Ring. It is billed as a single use cock ring and comes ready to go with batteries inside and it is hygienically sealed in a condom-style tear to open packet. It comes with a full set of instructions which are easy to understand.

The cock ring is made out of a pink jelly material that is incredibly stretchy, I could get it to stretch right around my closed fist so it will fit anyone. The material is a little bit tacky but that didn’t affect it in use at all.

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I fitted to my partner’s erection and then got to the biggest problem with this toy and that is with the on/off switch. It is incredibly difficult to operate as it is so small and hard to slide. I had to remove the cock ring and operate the switch a number of times before I could get it to reliably start as the one I had was pretty intermittent and this was a huge passion killer at the time as I was really ‘ready to go’ if you know what I mean.

That said though once we got it going and fitted back again it was a lot of fun to use. I loved the feeling of it coming into contact with my clit as my partner thrust into me and it was a huge turn on to feel sensations like that whilst being fucked. My partner said that whilst it felt nice it didn’t really do much for him which surprised me a bit as it is a quite powerful little motor in it.

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It was no noisier than a small bullet vibe and whilst billed as a one shot device the thriftier amongst us could switch is off and clean it up before using it again in another session unless your partner can last for a long time as the batteries are good for around twenty minutes of continual use.

In conclusion I really enjoyed using the Pasante Adore Vibrating Love Ring when in use but the fiddly and intermittent controls really let it down. I have therefore marked it down to a seven out of ten. It is great value though at only £2.99 and could certainly give you a nice thrill if you want to try something different.


– Joanne’s Reviews

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Joanne’s Reviews for this guest review of the Pasante Adore Condoms vibrating cock ring (£2.99).

Great value at under £3 for a sensual boost to your sex life. Each vibrating cock ring can last for up to 20 minutes, making this an ideal sample product for those new to cock rings or to stock up on for business or leisure travel.

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