Objects Of Desire Book Review by Cara Sutra (Book by Rita Catinella Orrell & Jason Scuderi)

9 out of 10
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Objects of Desire Book Review

By Cara Sutra

Objects of Desire Book Review April 2016-Instagram-CSThe Objects of Desire book (compiled by Rita Catinella Orrell & Jason Scuderi) is a heavyweight tome presented in glorious full colour. It’s full to bursting with beautiful photography of sex toys and articles about various erotic objets d’art. If I didn’t have kids, this would definitely be one of my favourite coffee table books.

In hardback form, with a glossy, well designed dust cover, the Objects of Desire book feels encyclopaedic. There’s a good balance of close up photography, longer scope images to give you a wider view, and contributed features/Q&As from well-known and respected sex toy manufacturers and sex educators.

Rather than focusing on sex toys alone, this literary showcase of 100+ erotic objects also features light BDSM equipment, pelvic exercisers and decorative adornments/erotic jewellery.

There is an extensive resources section at the back of the book, including shops/websites, museums, expos, writers, bloggers and other sex education websites.

The Objects Of Desire book feels like the sort of book you wouldn’t actually mind your family knowing is on your bookshelf, even if it is about sex products. The artistic merit of the sex toys and erotic items is debated as well as various pleasure-giving technological advances.

Are you an art lover, a scientist, a tech loving geek or a connoisseur of sex toys and resulting orgasms? I think you’ll love the Objects Of Desire book.

The Objects of Desire book was sent to me in exchange for this fair and honest review. Actually, it was actually sent to me for the Pleasure Panel to review, but I fell in love with it and had to own it myself. Sorry team.

Whether you’re want to improve your coffee table offerings or you’d like to fill pride of place on your bedside table, this book has plenty of erotic, artistic appeal. Along with the visual allure, it’s also amazingly informative and educational.

You can buy the Objects of Desire book on Amazon and find the Objects of Desire book website here.


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