No Restraint by Elizabeth Black – Pleasure Panel Erotic Book Review

7 out of 10

No Restraint by Elizabeth Black, Erotic Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch

When Cara mentioned she had an erotic book for review for the Pleasure Panel, just as I was finishing my recent one, I thought “that was good timing!” I’d never heard of Elizabeth Black but really enjoy reading works by new authors so I was really pleased when Cara said she’d send me No Restraint. The cover art is quite alluring, with some BDSM hints and the title conjured up all kinds of lovely images in my kinky little brain of rope and spreader bars.

No Restraint by Elizabeth Black ReviewNo Restraint is the story of Alex Craig. Alex is a young woman who is bored of her job and so takes a chance on applying for a position as a Product Manager at Babes, a premium sex doll company. The story begins as Alex sits waiting for her interview, unbeknown to her fellow candidates Alex has a sexy secret under her smart interview outfit. She has chosen to wear a butterfly vibrator for her interview to keep her on edge. As soon as Alex starts her interview it’s clear she has stood out amongst the other women in the waiting room. Confused at first by the reactions of the Babes CEO’s to her, she is startled when the reason for this becomes clear. A year before Alex answered an Ad for a model and supplied Babes with some photographs which they have turned into one of their newest premium sex dolls named Danielle.

Alex is unsure at first how to deal with her feelings about working on her own sex doll doppelgänger, this is further complicated by her blossoming relationship with Jackson Beale, one of the senior board members at Babes. As their relationship deepens Alex finds herself led into areas of sexuality she had previously not considered. Becoming more and more sexually aware and more hedonistic by the day, seduced by the opulence of Babes surroundings and the open, easy-going sexual play she is exposed to, Alex begins to change. Is she making the right decision giving in to her desires or should she keep her business head free of her sexual needs?

I enjoyed No Restraint. It was a beautiful piece of writing that felt like one long descriptive painting. Elizabeth Black has done an excellent job of leaving no detail untouched in her opulent description of the decadence Alex finds herself submerged in once employed by Babes . I could almost smell the delicious fruit offered during her corporate lunches or the scent of oranges used to perfume her office.  Babes certainly sounds like a dream of a company to work for, hardly work at all really. The sex dolls reminded me strongly of the real life type of custom designed sex dolls you see on documentaries. I found myself sympathising with Alex’s struggle to accept Danielle’s role in Jackson’s life and could totally understand why a woman may feel inferior against a perfect silicone replica. Alex’s journey from unsure newbie to confident company girl is gradual and you can almost feel her own inner sex goddess awakening as she experiments in ways that she never thought she would be willing to. I liked Alex as a character, she felt real to me and I could relate to her in many ways throughout the book. Jackson Beale was an interesting character, seemingly perfect and flawless when Alex begins to scratch the surface Jackson appears to have a difficult past. It would have been nice to see this explored more to give Jackson more realism as at times, he was so perfect I wanted him to mess up. Rod Tyler and Elena Carter are the other CEO’s at Babes and I felt they were slightly underused. All the way through the story I felt there was this hint that there may have been some action between Alex and all three CEO’s, I found myself hotly anticipating this and was a bit disappointed when it didn’t happen.

The sex scenes in No Restraint were well written and certainly got my juices flowing. I enjoyed the variation in Alex’s sexual tuition, particularly the scenes in the dungeon and at the sex toy party. I found myself very horny reading them and felt myself sharing the sexual tension Alex felt as she tried to work out where to draw the line. There was a mix of levels of kink in No Restraint which was refreshing. If you were into more vanilla sex you could still really enjoy the sensual scenes between Alex and Jackson. However there are also elements of voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetish and BDSM throughout the book. This enables No Restraint to appeal to a much wider audience.

My one complaint about No Restraint is it did feel a bit weak in terms of plot. I was expecting Alex to be challenged more in the pursuit of her new life, or for her and Jackson to be more tested. However it seems like Alex has fallen into a purely charmed existence and this makes the story feel unreal. I don’t think Elizabeth Black intended No Restraint to be just an erotic wank story so a bit more of a story line would have been nice as the ending felt like it was missing something. This said I did still enjoy No Restraint and would (and have) recommended it to my friends. Maybe Elizabeth Black will expand Alex’s story in future books, I would definitely like to see how her life at Babes pans out.

I give No Restraint by Elizabeth Black a solid 7/10, it’s a hedonistic tale of luxury and giving yourself over to your inner desires. If only we could all work at Babes for a week! You can buy No Restraint at Amazon for £2.99 for the Kindle edition.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of the erotic book No Restraint by Elizabeth Black (£2.99 from Amazon)

This e-book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author Elizabeth Black. Thank you! 🙂

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